Apex Legends Global Series: Championship (2022) | Format, Schedule & Rosters

The biggest event in the Apex Legends esports calendar will begin soon, the ALGS Championship. Here's a complete guide to the event, including where to watch, the format of the tournament, and the rosters that are going to be in attendance.

ALGS champs
This is where GOATs are made. | © EA

This is the big one. As a CoD fan, I want to support OpTic, and as a Halo fan, I want to support the Sentinels, but we all know NRG are probably winning this. But before we get ahead of ourselves, and go too deep into our predictions, let's start at the beginning. How can you watch? When is Champs taking place? And, what's the event format? You can find the answer to all those questions, and a complete guide to the ALGS Championship, beneath.

How Can You Watch The ALGS Championship 2022?

Covid is less and less impactful on the world of esports, and so we're happy to announce: ALGS Champs 2022 is going to take place on LAN. This means that you can actually go to the location and watch the action as it unfolds. But for most of us, online will still be the best option. Here's how to watch it.

Watching Online

The ALGS Championship is available to watch for free via Twitch. The official EA Twitch broadcast will be in English, but co-streaming has been confirmed in the following languages: Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Mandarin. It really is that simple, you just need to go over to the EA Twitch stream when the event is taking place, and you'll be able to watch everything there.

Watching Live

If you're lucky enough that this is an option, you can watch the event live at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. These are the prices for attending the event:

1 Day Pass (General Admission)$15
1 Day Pass (Premium Admission)$25
4 Day Pass (General Admission)$35
4 Day Pass (Premium Admission)$50

ALGS Championship 2022 | Format

The best 40 teams from around the world will come together at Raleigh and play first in a group stage, then in a bracket stage. The bracket stage will eliminate 20 teams, while the remaining 20 go on to play in the finals on the last day of champs. Here's how each of those stages will work.

Group Stage

In the group stages, no one is eliminated, but by placing well, teams can earn a higher seed for the following stage. Basically, the original 40 teams will be split into 4 teams of 10, and these groups of 10 teams will go away and play 6 games. In these 6 games, the teams have to rack up as many points as they can to get the higher seeding:

  • The top 10 teams with the highest score, from across all groups, will start the bracket stage in the winners bracket round 2.
  • The 20 teams with the next highest scores will begin in the winner's bracket round 1.
  • The bottom scoring 10 teams from across all teams will start in the loser's bracket.

If you aren't familiar with winners and losers brackets, don't worry, we'll get into that.

Here are how the qualifying teams will be split up into groups:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
ReigniteTeam UNITETeam LiquidOpTic Gaming
esports team aDLuminosity GamingNRGTSM
AYM EsportsCloud9FnaticAlliance
100 ThievesGMT EsportsGODFIRETeam Burger
AcendTeam SingularitySutoraikuDreamFire
FENNELODDIKFA KittiesDetonatioN Gaming
Spacestation GamingElement 6RejectFOR7
Crazy RacoonFenix TeamInfinityInvictus Gaming International
Lightning UnicornFURIA EsportsSCARZ1iQ
ZETA DIVISIONElev8 EntertainmentEXO Clan


As you can see, different regions have been placed with each other quite liberally, so we should see an interesting clash of regional metas.

Bracket Stage

The bracket stage is where most teams will be eliminated, with only the top 20 making it to the finals. There are 4 separate 8-game series that take place in the bracket stage, 2 in the winners bracket and 2 in the losers bracket. Here's how each of the bracket series will work:

  • The first series will be winners bracket round 1. In this match, the middle 20 teams from the last stage will play each other. The top 10 scoring teams advance to winners bracket round 2, and the bottom 10 fall into the losers bracket.
  • The second series will be losers bracket round 1. In this match, the worst 10 teams from the last stage will play the 10 teams who just fell into the loser's bracket by placing in the bottom half of the winners round 1 match. The bottom 10 teams from this series will be eliminated from champs. The best ten teams from this series will advance to losers bracket round 2.
  • The third series will be winners bracket round 2. The 10 best teams from winners round 1 will face the 10 best teams from the group stage. The best 10 teams will advance to the finals, and the bottom 10 teams will fall into the losers bracket.
  • The final series will be losers round 2. The 10 teams who advanced from losers round 1 will place the 10 teams who just fell into the losers bracket from winners round 2. The bottom 10 teams from this series will be eliminated, and the top 10 teams will advance to the finals.

Brackets are complicated. Sorry. But, when you see how this works on the day, it does all make a lot of sense.

Final Stage

In the Final Stage of the ALGS Championship, the best 10 teams play game after game until one of them wins. To win, a team first has to reach 50 points, then they become "Match Point Eligible" in the next game. If they win a game while being "Match Point Eligible" then they win Champs, the games end, and the rest of the teams are placed based on the points they have.

ALGS Championship 2022 | Schedule

We will be able to provide a more detailed schedule once teams begin to be eliminated, but here are the dates for the stages so far:

Algs schedule
A packed weekend for fans of competitive Apex. | © EA

As per usual, the times are pretty unsociable for APAC fans.

ALGS Championship 2022 | Prize Pool

The prize pool of $2m will be split among all teams, even the very last placing team will walk away 9k. Here's how the prize pool will be split:

Final Placement




We're big fans of how split up the prize pool is, this should keep the scene from becoming too top-heavy.

Note: There's also a separate award called the "Apex Predator" (basically the MVP), which will be awarded to the individual with the highest kills throughout the tournament. This is more for bragging rights, but the winner gets to take home an additional $3,000.

ALGS Championship 2022 | Viewership Rewards

You get rewards for tuning in and watching the ALGS Championship via a Twitch account that's linked to your EA account. Here's what you can win and how:

  • The Rare ‘Copperhead’ Alternator skin will be awarded after watching 1 hour of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Ocean Spear’ Bangalore skin will be awarded after watching 2 hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Rare ‘Let’s Goooooo!’ Holospray will be awarded after watching 3 hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.
  • The Epic ‘You Are The Champion’ Gun Charm will be awarded after watching 4 hours of the ALGS Championship Finals.

Here is what those rewards look like:

And here's how to connect your Twitch and EA accounts:

  1. Make sure your Gamertag, Nintendo Switch Online Account or PlayStation™Network ID is linked to your EA Account. Already connected your accounts but not sure which one is linked? Find out which account is linked by following these steps.
  2. Now let's get connected. Go to Twitch and sign in or create an account. Make sure you’re logging into the Twitch account where you want to watch the streams and get rewards.
  3. Enter your EA Account info on the Connect with Twitch screen and click Next.

And that's your complete overview of how the ALGS Championship will work in 2022. Who are you backing?