"This Is Just Poor Game Design" Latest Apex Trailer Confirms Bad News For Fans

Ballistic is a new Legend coming in Apex Season 17. Previous leaks hinted at what his abilities would be, but now an official trailer has confirmed them. One of the abilities, the Tactical, sounds absolutely terrible, however.

Ballistic New Tactical
Sadly, the leaks were correct. | © EA

Ballistic is the new Legend coming to Apex in Season 17. A few months ago his abilities were leaked, but sadly, fans hated the tactical.

Ballistic's tactical, according to the leaks, was going to be called "Smart Bullet". To use Smart Bullet, Ballistic would shoot a special bullet at enemies and their weapons would overheat and become unusable. Why did fans hate this ability? Because as one highly-upvoted user put it, "No ability should affect how I can use my guns", and as another responded "This is just poor game design if true. It’s going to be unsatisfying to play against."

But is it true? Are Respawn going to release a Legend with such a poorly designed ability? Apparently, yes.

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Ballistic's Tactical Ability "Smart Bullet" Seemingly Confirmed In Latest Trailer

The recently released Ballistic trailer is awesome, and the voice acting is some of the best we've had, but unfortunately it looks like the Smart Bullet leaks were correct. You can see the Smart Bullet being used when Ballistic attacks Ash, note how she loses control of the weapon:

We don't know just how unsatisfying this will be fight to yet, but we will be able to confirm very soon when Season 17 begins.

What do you think about Smart Bullets? A terrible idea, or do you actually like it?

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