Apex Legends: Bloodhound Guide | Abilities, Composition, Counters & More

Bloodhound is an incredibly popular Legend for both BR and Arenas, and for good reason: they're versatile, and easy to understand. Here's exactly how you want to play Bloodhound, including the best compositions for Bloodhound, the right weapons to use, and some general tips on how to use their abilities.

Bloodhound is one of the best Legends in the whole of Apex. Incredible in the Arenas, clutch in Battle Royale, and great for beginners and pros alike. So if you haven't already, you should give Bloodhound a go. Here's a guide on how to play Bloodhound, with everything you need to start bringing home the dubs.

Who Is Bloodhound?

Bloodhound is a day-one Legend, and the very first Recon Legend. They are known across the Outlands as a great hunter, and entered the Apex games as a folk hero.

Bloodhound is the child of two engineers who were killed during an industrial meltdown at the plant they worked at on Talos. Bloodhound's uncle, Artur, took them in and trained them in the ways of hunting and nature. Artur distrusted technology, but Bloodhound was always fascinated by it, and used it in combination with their hunting skills to take down a Goliath that preyed on the village.

Bloodhound calls on the old Norse Gods to guide them, and they believe strongly in destiny.

How Good Is Bloodhound?

Very. Here's a quick overview of how Bloodhound stacks up in-game:





Bloodhound has easy to learn abilities, and while they take time to master, you'll be effective with them very quickly. Hence, they're one of the best beginner Legends.

Viability for Battle Royale

5/5As we'll go into, Bloodhound's abilities are fantastically effective for a BR. He's almost obnoxiously strong.
Viability for Arenas4/5Bloodhound's abilities carry over to Arenas well, but they aren't exactly improved in this mode. And there are many other Legends that do in fact become more competitive in the Arena, so Bloodhound is ever so slightly less highly regarded. More A tier than S.

What Abilities Does Bloodhound Have?

Tactical: Eye of the Allfather

Briefly reveal enemies throughout structures in front of you. Basically wall hacks. The scan pulses out and highlights enemies in red.

  • Charge Time: 25 seconds.
  • Effect:
    • In a 125° cone, all enemies, traps and clues are highlighted in red.
    • Enemies remain highlighted for 3 seconds, while traps remain highlighted indefinitely.
    • The scan tells you how many enemies have been detected, unless there are more than 10. In which case, you get a message which says "10+ HOSTILES DETECTED".

Passive: Tracker

Displays icons on the ground above areas of recent activity. These small red icons have little symbols on them, because Bloodhound can tell exactly where different things have happened, where a weapon was reloaded, or a wound bandaged for example. Clues vanish after 90 seconds.

Ultimate: Beast of the Hunt

Enhance your sensors, allowing you to move faster and highlight your prey.

  • Charge Time: 3 Minutes
  • Effects:
    • Lasts 30 seconds*, but ends immediately if downed.
    • The world turns black and white, but all enemies, and their footsteps, are highlighted in red
    • You get a 30% speed boost.
    • While Beast of the Hunt is active, your tactical will recharge after only 9 seconds, not 25.

*Downing an enemy will extend the effect by between 5 and 15 seconds.

How Should You Play With Bloodhound?

Bloodhound's General Playstyle

Bloodhound should be played fairly aggressively, he's what you might call an "entry fragger" in other games, but you need to find a balance. The scans are most effective when you push on a team immediately after you've detected them and while you still know their exact positions. However, the enemies will also know when you've made your scan as it's very obvious to spot. It's important, therefore, that you learn to judge which situations are worth pushing and which are foolish. You shouldn't consider a scan "wasted" if you decide to leave when you detect too many enemies. Nor should you worry about using the scan just to bait enemies, or to try and make a team think twice about pushing you.

Bloodhound's Role Within The Team

Bloodhound can make a great leader within an Apex squad. You aren't making long rotations and trying to outflank, so you're usually with at least one other member of the team. Also, you're going to have the most intel on the surrounding situation based on your passive, so you're in a great position to make the play calls and direct a route for the squad.

The Best Weapons & Equipment For Bloodhound

There's no single piece of equipment that Bloodhound needs more than other members of the team, besides Ult Accelerant. There are Legends who need it even more still, but Bloodhound's Ult can be particularly clutch, especially in the early game.

In terms of weapons, you always want something for the really aggressive pushes like a shotgun or the R99, and a "do it all" AR in the secondary slot.

PrimaryMastiff, Peacekeeper, or the R-99
SecondaryHemlock, Flatline, R-301

Which Are The Best Legends To Play With Bloodhound?

Here are some of the best Legends to pair with Bloodhound,

  • In Duos: Bangalore
  • In Trios: Bangalore, Valkyrie, Horizon, Pathfinder

They work best with fast Legends who can act quickly on the intel Bloodhound provides. But Bangalore is the best natural partner for Bloodhound, as her smoke grenades couple perfectly with their tactical ability and ultimate. That combination is absolutely broken when well executed.

How Should You Counter A Bloodhound?

Here are some general tips to countering Bloodhound:

  • Bloodhound players often over-extend themselves when scanning you or popping their ult, often leaving cover and going without teammates. Take advantage of this and focus fire them.
  • When you've been scanned by Bloodhound, rotate immediately to a close position and set up for the push. Or bait them by moving in one direction while being actively highlighted, then move in another direction as soon as you are no longer highlighted.
  • Bloodhound glows red when they pop their ult, and so if they crouch behind cover, you may be able to see them from the red light alone. And the sound cue is very obvious too, so its worth learning. You'll hear them coming miles away.

Those are some basic tips to help you fight Bloodhound, they can be a menace, so good luck!

How Popular Is Bloodhound?

Bloodhound is a top five Legend at all levels of play, but they do have greater popularity in the lower ranks:

RankPick Rate
All Ranks10.4% (3rd overall)



So, if nothing so far has persuaded you to play Bloodhound, maybe their popularity will.

And that'll do it for the complete Bloodhound guide. Now, get out there and start frying, in the name of the Allfather!