Apex Legends Will Get Capture The Flag

A huge leak dump has given us a first look at the future of Apex Legends, and among other exciting new features, Capture the Flag is coming to the Arena!

Capture the Flag Apex
The best Arenas mode yet? | ©Microsoft & EA

The mother of all Apex leaks has just dropped. It's unbelievable really, but we now have so much new info on the future of the game, including new Legends, new maps, and even new modes. And one of the new modes sounds perfect for Apex, which is crying out for more objective-focused gameplay. We're talking, of course, about Capture the Flag. One of the OG arena-shooter modes. So what do we know? And when will CTF be released?

Leak Shows Capture the Flag In Arena

An unknown insider shared videos of future Apex Legends content, including a Capture the Flag mode for Arena. Here was the original thread, where a throwaway account was used to share all the leaked videos and documents:

Folder Of Stuff, I am uploading now from ApexUncovered

You can no longer access the files, but one of the videos resurfaced, and it shows a player experimenting with the new mode in a private game:

New game mode. Has a capture the flag type feel. Has it's own unique maps. BC_Steve_TTV is a god at it on solo no enemies mode. Fear him! from ApexUncovered

As you can see from that video, Capture the Flag will launch with its own map. This makes sense when you consider how differently the mode will play compared to an ordinary elimination match.

There does seem to be one slight difference compared to ordinary Capture the Flag, however. Normally, in Capture the Flag, teams have to go to their enemies base, capture the flag and run all the way back to their home base to score. But in the Apex version of CTF, you will use a ball rather than a flag, and the ball can be thrown. This allows players to score without actually running all the way back to their base. So, it's closer to a mode like Uplink.

When Will Capture The Flag Be Released?

Capture the Flag will be probably be released in Season 13, coming at some point in early-May 2022. We cannot confirm this date, but everything we've seen points to a Season 13 release date for the leaked content. And this probably explains why it's all already in the game files. But, of course, we'll update you if we hear about this content now being pushed back as a result of the leak.