Is The Apex Legends Champion Edition Worth It?

The Champions Edition of Apex Legends allows new players to unlock a lot of content and get some in-game currency from the very first day they start playing. But is it a good deal? Is the Champions Edition of Apex Legends worth it?
Apex legends champion edition
9 Legends and some coin. Worth it? | © EA

When you start out in Apex Legends, it can be pretty overwhelming. Like so many live service games, there are hundreds of different challenges and currencies to keep track off, and it's hard to tell which Legends are the best for a beginner. Even when you finally get into a game, where should you go? Which weapons should you pick up? It's a lot. And besides what you need to learn, there are literally tens of thousands of items to start collecting.

But if you are new to Apex Legends, then there are few things that can help. You can check out these incredible guides to improve your playstyle, and you can consider buying the Champion Edition of the game to unlock some decent starting items. In this article, we'll try and answer the question "is the Champion Edition worth it?" Do you get enough as a new player from this bundle?

How Much Does The Champion Edition Cost?

Here is how much the Champion Edition of Apex Legends costs:


EURGBPEquivalent Cost In Apex CoinsEquivalent Cost In Apex Packs
Champion Edition39.9939.99£31.994,00040

When we go through what you get in the Champion Edition, remember that you're always comparing the prices above to the base game, which is completely free. So let's see if they can justify the cost.

What Does The Champion Edition Contain?

The Champions Edition of Apex Legends will unlock 9 Legends, 3 weapon skins, 3 Legend skins, and 1,000 Apex Coins. Legends can be unlocked for free if you just grind enough, but it would take a very long time to unlock nine Legends.

Besides the coins, here's a breakdown of those items:


  • Caustic
  • Mirage
  • Octane
  • Wattson
  • Crytpo
  • Revenant
  • Loba
  • Rampart
  • Horizon

You can see how good these guys are here, and how popular they are here.

Legend Skins

Okay, so we'll be the first to say it: the Wraith skin (in the middle) is ugly. It's terrible. But the Revenant and Crypto skins are absolute badass, so this part of the Champions Edition isn't all bad.

Apex champion edition legend skins
From left to right, “Forged Knight” Revenant skin, “Risen Queen” Wraith skin, and “Hallowed Spirit” Crypto skin. | © EA

Weapon Skins

The Sentinel isn't one of the game's most beloved weapons, but we like the aesthetic:

Jaded Myth Champion Edition Skin
“Jaded Myth” Sentinel skin | © EA

VK-47 Flatline Skin

The Flatline is a great gun, and it's easy to find in-game, so this is a highly valuable weapon skin. Also, it doesn't hurt that it looks so damn cool:

Lance Slayer flatline skin
"Lance Slayer" skin for the VK-47 Flatline | © EA

Triple Take Skin

This is a fantastic-looking skin, but unfortunately the weapon isn't liked by a lot of players, so this may be useless to you.

Curse of the Awaken Triple Take Champion Edition Skin
"Curse of the Awakened " skin for the Triple Take. | ©

Weapon Charm

To round out the edition, you get this weapon charm. It's not great, it's not awful:

Apex champion edition weapon charm
The "Emperor Nessy XIV" Gun Charm. | © EA

Is The Champion Edition Of Apex Legends Worth It?

If you were to buy all of these items individually, then it would cost you about 10,000-12,000 Apex Coins ($75-90). Which means you're theoretically getting about 50% off every item contained in the bundle. But the nine Legends can all be paid for by grinding and using free in-game currency, it would just take you a good few months to get it done. So really, the Champion Edition is worth it for players who have money to spend and want to avoid the grind, but if you have lots of time to play, then we wouldn't recommend the Champions Edition. Honestly, there isn't much else you can spend Legend Tokens on either, so if you will be grinding a lot, then you'll end up with leftover unspent Legend Tokens if you buy the Champion Edition.

Of course, you also need to ask yourself what you think of the skins. I personally only like the Revenant one, but maybe you love them all. Here are some of the best skins in Apex, so you can get an idea of what to compare these to if you're new:

And that about does it for the Champion Edition of Apex Legends. Does it still seem worth it? Or will you pass on this version of the game?