Dual Wielding Mechanic Coming To Apex Legends

Season 13 is just around the corner, and it might bring a new dual wielding mechanic into Apex Legends. If not then perhaps as part of a mid-season event. Here's what we know so far about akimbo weapons coming to Apex Legends.

Dual Wielding Coming To Apex Legends
Here's the leaked image, Horizon certainly seems intrigued... | © EA & u/Legitimate_Chapter82 on Reddit
Apex Legends Season 13 is arriving very soon, and it promises to bring a new Legend and some promising map changes to Storm Point. We actually sat down with some game designers at Respawn and interviewed them about the changes, needless to say, we're only more hyped. But one thing most players probably won't be expecting are all the changes to weapons and ground loot coming. The R-301 is being removed from the loot pool for instance. But even more exciting still, a duel wielding mechanic has recently been leaked. Here's everything we know about akimbo in Apex.

Video Of Dual Wielding Pistols Leaked!

In a video posted to Reddit by u/Legitimate_Chapter82, a whole host of unreleased Apex Legends weapons were demonstrated, and one of them was a pistol called the Fanatic, which is capable of being dual wielded. We have to stress, we don't know whether this is real or a high-effort fake, because Respawn have said nothing about dual wielding in Apex Legends so far. But here's the video, so you can take a look yourself:

Upcoming Weapons. Nemesis (Energy and Assault) looks next as it has an in-game model the rest do not. Based on video Scorpion (Bow), Maelstrom (Light and LMG), Fanatic (Energy and Akimbo? Pistol), Gemini (Energy and SMG). from ApexUncovered

As you can see it operates like the Plasma Pistol from the Halo franchise; each shot needs to be charged up before releasing but when it fires it promises a heavy payload. Will these weapons be meta? Almost certainly not, except perhaps as a weapon to open up fights with before switching to something better. But, only time will tell, so we'll keep our eyes open when the new season launches.