Apex Legends: How To Complete The Jackson's Bow-Out Challenge

Here's how to complete the second part of Bangalore's new Apex Legends Chronicle event. It's basically a target practice challenge using the bow; quite fun and very easy.
How Complete jacksons Bow Out
This is some new art that you can win in-game if you complete the Jackson's Bow-Out Challenge. | © EA

We all have our mains, our favorite legends, and who doesn't love those nuggets of backstory we occasionally get about them? But Respawn knows that we still yearn for more insight into these characters, and that's why they first introduced Apex Chronicles.

If you're wondering exactly what the Chronicles are, here's how the devs describe them, "these are bite-sized story events that inject narrative into the world of Apex via gameplay challenges and experiences." It's just a series of challenges really, but they do give you new cutscenes and such. Here's how to complete the second part of the new Bangalore-focused Apex Chronicle.

How Do You Complete Jackson's Bow-Out Challenge?

  1. Enter the Firing Range as Bangalore.
  2. Approach the bow at the left of the Firing Range (between the Shotguns and special weapons).
  3. A prompt will ask you to "Start Jackson's Bow-Out Challenge" by pressing X (PlayStation), A (Xbox), or E (PC).
  4. When you begin the challenge, you will be in a blue square, and in front of you will be a target running left and right on a conveyor.
  5. The target can turn red and blue, only hit the target when it's blue, not red.
  6. Hit the target for 1000 damage in under 1 minute, and you will have completed the challenge.

You will know if you've successfully completed the challenge because you can see a scoreboard in your HUD of the current total damage.

What Rewards Do You Get For Completing Jackson's Bow-Out Challenge?

You advance to part 3 of No Hard Call, as well as the art you can see above and the Stat Tracker you can see below. It's a boring Stat Tracker, to be sure, but the Apex Chronicles events aren't really about grinding or going for high-end cosmetics. Instead, they offer players a chance to get more insight into some of their favorite legends. It's a good idea, but this particular Chronicle won't be as popular because Bangalore isn't a fan favorite.

Jacksons Bow Out Reward
You win this Stat Tracker and the art in the image above. | © EA

Who would you like to see get a Chronicle next, one of the new leaked Legends? Or an old classic?