Meet The New Apex Legend: Jester

A new Legend called Jester has been leaked. We expect him to join the Apex games very soon. Here's an overview of Jester and their abilities.

This isn't Jester, but we can't legally show you one of the leaked pictures of Jester yet. | © EA

In March 2022 a huge dump of Apex leaks were revealed to the world. We heard about new heirlooms, new maps, new modes, and most excitingly: new Legends. Nine in total, and one of them, Newcastle, seemed like the obvious choice for a Season 13 release. But according to a recent video by Apex content creator Thordan Smash, our Season 13 Legend will actually be Jester. But who is Jester, and what can they do?

Who Is Jester?

Jester is a Simulacrum (like Ash and Revenant) based on a deceased former hero of the ICM, but he's programmed to believe he actually is the original human operative — not a clone. The only difference is that he has no memory of human limitations. Jester now works as an independent bounty hunter, but we don't know much more than this.

The character of Jester was actually written for Titanfall, but for some reason they wrote him out of the story and cut him from the game before release. This all happened so last-minute that toy figurines of Jester has already been produced. Here's one of the unsold Jester figurines:

Jester Figurine
Looks pretty snazzy huh? | © Amazon

New Apex Legend Jester: Abilities

What Is Jester's Tactical: Spectre Drop

Call in a drop pod with 3 spectres to guard an area. It looks from the leaked footage like this has a long cooldown and should be about as easy to deploy as a Lifeline care package.

Very strange that this is a Tactical ability and not an Ult. Calling in NPCs sounds pretty broken for a Tactical ability, even if they aren't difficult bots. The only natural limitation on this is the cooldown and the inability to use it inside, but otherwise this could be a top tier Tactical ability.

What Is Jester's Passive: Rewire

Jester can turn any grenade into a proximity mine that sticks to surfaces, and he starts with a frag grenade. It looks like all you need to do is press a button while a grenade is equipped, and it turns into a sticky mine.

This could be quite a strong passive, starting with a grenade would be great for opening engagements if you land somewhere hot. We'll have to see how effective any of the game's current grenades are as proximity mines, though.

What Is Jester's Ultimate: Cloak Field

Makes all players within a bubble shield-sized space centered on Jester invisible. If someone leaves the bubble, their invisibility lasts for six seconds.

Cloak Field sounds really, really good. Like giving everyone a Mirage-level escape tool. But it will probably be difficult to get perfect.

That's all we know about Jester for now. He sounds pretty great, doesn't he? But he won't be an easy Legend to use. If you're just getting started in the game, maybe you want to keep your eyes on the best beginner Legends instead.