Skulltown Returning To Apex Legends In Season 14

Everyone's favorite location on Kings Canyon is set to return - new leaks tease the return of Skulltown!

Return of Skulltown
The mother of all hot-drops... | © EA

When you think back to your favorite Battle Royale maps, there's usually that one hot-drop that everyone loved. Weirdly, the devs removed that beloved spot from King's Canyon a few years ago, and we thought we would never get to enjoy the thrill of Skulltown ever again. Well, you can imagine how happy we were when we saw a glimpse of King's Canyon in all the leaked new content that dropped for Apex Legends. Oh yeah, sorry, we forgot to mention: the most ridiculous leak in Apex Legends history just revealed the next two years of content, including new Legends, new maps, and even new modes. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Right now, we're focusing on the return of Skulltown.

[Update June 24]

King's Canyon Confirmed By In-Game Easter Egg

Finally, this news is no longer just reliant on leaks, Skulltown's return has now been revealed in game via this magazine which can be found in Lifeline's hospital on Olympus:

Salvage is the POI that replaces Skulltown right now, and this magazine confirms that the excavation work is complete. Ergo, Salvage can disappear and Skulltown can return. Perfect.

Apex Legends Leak Reveals Kings Canyon Rework

A massive file containing photos and videos of future Apex Legends content has leaked, and among all the other exciting new things to come, you can see a rework of King's Canyon that shows Skulltown back in its original position. Here was the original thread, where a leaker used a throwaway account to share all the leaked videos and documents:

Folder Of Stuff, I am uploading now from ApexUncovered

For what we hope are obvious reasons, we will not be sharing the leaked material. But we can confirm that Skulltown appears in the videos to look almost identical to how it originally did. It also looks like Skulltown will be in the exact same part of the map as it was before.

If you really want to go and see it for yourself, we can't help you, but let's just say all the material is out there, and it shouldn't be hard to find.

When Will Skulltown Be Coming Back?

Skulltown will almost certainly be returning to Apex Legend's in Season 13, so early-May 2022. We cannot absolutely confirm that date right now, but all the material that has been leaked looks like it's clearly coming as part of a big seasonal update. All the new content is already in the game files, so we would be surprised if we need to wait until Season 14. But we will let you know if they delay season 13 because of the leak.