Lifeline Finally Getting Buffed In Next Apex Legends Update

Lifeline mains rejoice, a buff is coming in the next patch, and we might finally see everyone's favorite healer soar in the pick-rate again.

lifeline buff
The best teammate. | © EA

In next week's patch, we're getting some new items in the shop, and a decent bit of game balancing. One of the biggest changes coming to the game will be a buff for the OG healer: Lifeline. Here are the upgrades we expect her to get, and a little analysis on whether she even needs it.

Lifeline's Incoming Buff

As Apex leaker @autismgaming420 reported, a series of buffs have been leaked for Lifeline, which will apparently be implemented with the June 21 patch. Here are the improvements coming Che's way:

The increased heal area, and reduced Ult cooldown are both absolutely fair, and allowing downed teammates to reject the revive is a good idea for Lifeline. We're less certain about allowing the D.O.C. drone to have 9999 health, but let's see if this really is that strong when it's introduced.

Does Lifeline Need A Buff?

Yes, and no. Lifeline is not a particularly strong Legend, and her Ult was absolutely deserving of a buff. But she's not the Legend that needed a buff the most, pretty far from it in fact. Lifeline is averagely popular, and here's how she stacks up compared to the only other "healer" in the game:

Lifeline Pick-RateNewcastle Pick-Rate


4.1% (8th)3.5% (12th)


2.5% (15th)2.8% (14th)
Diamond1.3% (13th)1.3% (14th)

As you can see neither of them are getting loads of play, but she's already a little more popular than the new guy, Newcastle. Therefore, it does seem a bit weird that she's getting a buff, when other Legends are far worse and much less popular. But hey, great news for Lifeline mains.

Those are the changes coming to Lifeline. Do you think she's going to be good enough for the tough new ranked mode? Or will she still fail to perform?