Apex Legends Mobile | Ranked Mode: Rewards, Structure & More

Apex Legends Mobile launched with a ranked mode. But does this mode work exactly as it does in the original Apex? Not quite. Here's a complete guide to ranked on mobile.
Apex Mobile Ranked Explained
How does Ranked work in Apex Mobile? | © EA
Apex Legends Mobile has just launched, and we're shocked by how polished it already feels. The game comes with a lot more than simply the Battle Royale, and includes an Arenas mode, a Firing Range, and even a Ranked mode.

In this article, we're going to go over the basics of how the ranked mode works. But before we start, you should know that if you want to start winning in Apex Legends Mobile, then you need to connect a controller, adjust your settings, and stop relying on the touchscreen. Okay, let's get into ranked.

How Does The Ranked Mode Work In Apex Legends Mobile?

The ranked mode in Apex Legends Mobile works the same way it did in the base game before Season 13. You start at the bottom of Bronze, and "pay" with RP (ELO) to enter a game, then if you do well, you earn back more RP, but if you do badly you simply lose what you spent and go down. The entry cost for a game gets higher and higher, so by Diamond rank, you need to spend a huge amount for RP to enter a game, and therefore need to perform very well to go positive.

Unlike traditional ranked modes, you don't play a series of placement matches, everyone simply starts in Bronze and works their way up (or at least they try to). Also, you cannot be demoted to a lower rank. You will sit at the bottom of the rank if you're doing badly (i.e. Gold 4), but you won't fall into the one below until the seasonal reset.

When Can You Start Playing The Ranked Mode?

You can start playing ranked as soon as you hit level 8, and this takes about 10-15 games (2.5 hours approx). From that point, there are no restrictions, and you can play ranked. Although if you're jumping straight across you should prepare yourself for a far more difficult game.

What Are The Different Ranks In Apex Legends Mobile?

In Apex Legend Mobile, the ranks go from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and eventually Apex Predator. There are no limits for how many players can be in each rank except for Apex Predators; this rank is made up of the best 750 players in the world at any time.

As you play and earn RP, you will advance in the ranks:

RankRP Required


Starting rank
Silver1,200 RP
Gold2,800 RP
Platinum4,800 RP
Diamond7,200 RP
Master10,000 RP
Apex PredatorTop 750 players

What Rewards Do You Get For Playing Ranked In Apex Mobile?

When you reach a new rank in Apex Legends Mobile, you get a free reward. Not the best skins in the world, sure, but free is free, so we can't complain. Here are the rewards:



Holo Spray
SilverHolo Spray
GoldHolo Spray
PlatinumHolo Spray
DiamondHolo Spray / Trail / Avatar Frame
MasterHolo Spray / Trail / Avatar Frame
Apex PredatorHolo Spray / Trail / Avatar Frame

That was your complete guide to Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile. But if you want to get into Platinum this season, you might want to take a look at this...