The New Burst-Fire Assault Rifle In Apex Legends: Nemesis

The next weapon coming to Apex Legends has been leaked, a burst-fire assault rifle called Nemesis. Here's a sneak preview of the weapon for you.

new burst-fire AR: Nemesis
Pathfinder approves! | © EA

At some point after the upcoming Anime event, Apex Legends is going to receive a huge injection of content. We've already seen the latest Valkyrie Heirloom, and we know pretty much everything about the new Legend (Vantage), but today, we even heard about a new weapon. This is the Nemesis, a burst-fire assault rifle, and here's everything we know about it so far.

Leaked Assault Rifle: Nemesis

On May 31, 2022, video and photo leaks were shared of a new burst-fire assault rifle for Apex Legends called the Nemesis. It's an energy weapon that has attachment slots for the muzzle, stock, magazine and optic. The weapon fires in 4-round bursts, and it looks easy enough to control from range.

The video footage has since been deleted, but here is a picture of the Nemesis, courtesy of u/Weirdooo666:

TF2 Spitter rifle and nemesis burst AR from ApexUncovered

As you can see, they've gone for a classic Apex aesthetic. Sleek and futuristic, like all my favorite Spitfire skins. But it's a shame that we need to deal with yet another energy weapon.

When Will Nemesis Be Released In Apex?

There's a chance that the Nemesis will be released during an event in Season 13, but it's more likely that we see it released at the launch of Season 14 in mid-August. We don't have an exact date and time for Season 14's launch yet, but we will update you as soon as we have those details from Respawn.

What do you think of the Nemesis? Is this an Apex Legends weapon you'll be using, or does it sound trash to you? We're certainly more excited about the Nemesis than we are about the dual-wielding pistols...