Apex Legends New Map Leaked: Divided Moon

Apex Legends is constantly evolving as a game, which means that we're always getting new content. Whatever that content might be, a whole new map is the most exciting of all possible updates. Recently, there has been some leaked footage about a map called "Divided Moon".

Apex divided moon
This is one of the most finished parts of the map as seen in the leaks. | © u/SlightStrategy on r/ApexUncoverd

There has been a massive influx of Apex Legends leaks over the last couple of days. Just recently, there has been a playtester who leaked a huge amount of legends that were set to release all the way up to season 21! Now, there's been news about a map for the Battle Royale mode that is currently in development. The best thing about that? It's not only screenshots we got of that new map – apparently called "Divided Moon" –, but a whole walkthrough running over 6 minutes, showing every corner of the new map. Here is everything we know so far!

Where is "Divided Moon" set?

The name itself gives a good overview already. "Divided Moon" seems to be set on a moon that has somehow fractured. The map looks pretty rough and mountainous. At least on one side there seems to be nothing but empty space. You could walk right off the map and fall into nothingness. Your decision – float through space indefinitely or take on a 1v3?

Another clue that shows that this map is set on a moon is the fact that there seems to be no atmosphere or just a very thin one. The scenery in the pretty breathtaking already. I wonder what it's going to look like when it's all finished! If you're inside the game, I'd advise you to keep your eyes on the map, though. So here is a quick overview.

Apex divided moon map
This does look like a lot of fun! | © u/I_Shall_Be_Known on r/ApexUncovered

How Far Is "Divided Moon" In Development?

Honestly, it seems like it's going to take some time to get that map ready for live servers. Many parts of the map are in different stages development-wise. While some POI's are already very far – for example "Cultivation" as displayed in the header image – other locations don't even have textures on their models yet on the other hand. The "Terraformer" looks pretty barren for example.

So it's definitely not done. At least in the stages we saw it in those leaks. Respawn seems far away from even putting anything close to finishing touches on it. We're keen on seeing more on how the map is coming along, though, that's for sure.

When Is "Divided Moon" Going to Release?

Keep in mind, all this information stem from the leaks that have dropped on the ApexUncovered Subreddit, so there's been no official statement from Respawn or even Electronic Arts. All we can do is guess at this point.

We do have some clues to work with, though. Respawn Entertainment usually sticks to a fixed schedule when it comes to map releases. These usually come every 4 seasons. The last new map we got was Storm Point in Season 11. We're now in Season 12, which would mean the new map would arrive with the start of Season 15. That is expected to kick off in November 2022. So more than enough time to turn "Divided Moon" into a great new battleground!