A New Apex POI Has Leaked For Olympus: The Lifeline Hospital

A new POI is coming to Olympus. It's an homage to Lifeline that will be full of healing kits, and D.O.C. drones. And as you'd expect, it's a hospital. Here's everything we know about the new P.O.I.
Lifeline hospital
A potential drop site? | © EA

The maps in Apex all contain various points of interest that are dedicated to specific Legends. There's the area in King's Canyon that's full of Octane's jump pads, for instance, and who could forget the infamous Mirage Voyage location? Hell, the new Divided Moon map might even launch with something for Newcastle in mind. But for now, we've just heard about a new POI coming to an old map: Olympus is getting a hospital at Bonsai Plaza in honor of Lifeline. Here's what we know so far.

New POI At Olympus: The Lifeline Hospital

Courtesy of leaker PWN Hub on YouTube, we've had a sneak preview of a new place of interest on Olympus, a hospital where you can all have a go at being Lifeline. The hospital offers ways to mimic Lifeline's abilities; there's health kits to be collected, fixed D.O.C. drones in certain rooms, and even a care package delivery machine. Here are some images of the new POI from PWN Hub:

We don't know exactly then we can expect this new location to actual make it into the game, but we don't expect it to take too long. Olympus is a very popular map, and after Storm Point got all the developer love last season, we expect Olympus to be next in line for a facelift. Our best guess would be that we get the Lifeline hospital when Season 14 launches on August 9, 2022. We will keep you updated if we hear more.

What do you think about locations like this? Do you like it when they honor a specific Legend? And will you be interested in dropping at the hospital? Whatever you're thinking, just make sure you drop together...