Apex Legends Season 14: Changes, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

With Apex Legends Season 14 "Hunted" there is new content approaching for Apex-Players. This means a new Legend, a new Battle Pass, and often, a new map or mode. Here's everything you need to know about the patch notes, release date, release time, changes and new features.

Season 14 Apex legends
Apex Legends: Season 14 "Hunted" will get live in August. | © EA

Apex Legends gets a healthy diet of new content every few months, and Respawn are known for delivering everything in an organized fashion. So there's always a lot to be excited about when another twelve weeks roll past, and it's time for the new season. Will we get some gameplay changes? Maybe a buff to those unpopular Legends? Or perhaps even a new map?

In this article, we're going to break down everything we know about the new season so far. And we will regularly update this article as we become aware of new information.

Apex Legends Season 14: Release Date and Time

Season 14 will be released on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at exactly 13:00 ET (10:00 PT / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST). This is the usual update time for Apex, and also when the Apex item store is updated each week, so no surprises here. If you're concerned about download times and getting on as soon as possible, don't worry. Respawn will release the update for pre-download approximately 12 hours before launch, so you can get it installed and play it the second Season 14 goes live.

It's been three months since Season 13 launched, just as we expect. And before you ask, Season 14 will also last exactly three months.

Is it enough time to complete the Battle Pass? It's certainly not as quick as other games, but it can be done with a committed grind.

Apex Legends Season 14: Patch Notes

Respawn has published the official patch notes for Season 14. Just follow the link for a summary to the latest Apex Legends Patch Notes.

Vantage: New Legends in Season 14

There will be a new Legend coming in Season 14 called Vantage, and she's basically the sniper. This character looks similar to Bloodhound in that they both come from the Outlands, and have backgrounds as hunters. For a full overview of her abilities check out the article below (spoiler alert: she looks fun but not overpowered).

Here's the trailer for Vantage in case you missed it:

Apex Legends Season 14: Ranked Map & Map Changes

All the map changes coming in Season 14 are for King's Canyon, which will be the Ranked Leagues map for the first split. There will be quite a few map changes to King's Canyon:

  • The syndicate has rebuilt Skull Town
  • New paths have been created through the island to prevent so much 3rd partying
  • Loot dispersion has been adjusted to make the different POIs equally attractive, and to delay the power curve of the game for a few minutes (basically less loot at hot drop locations)
  • The Cage has been widened out
  • Hillside has had its interior spaces removed
  • Broken Relay has been given a few extra buildings and is now called basin
  • There's a new skybox for King's Canyon which should make everything look more vibrant

Likewise, we've also heard about the new Divided Moon Battle Royale sized map, but we don't expect this to be quite ready in time for Season 14, more likely Season 15.

Apex Legends Season 14: Weapon Changes

Season 14 will see some of the biggest weapon changes we've had in quite a while, and it should shake up the Apex Weapon Tier List significantly.

New Care Package Weapons

As we should expect each season, a couple of new weapons are going into the Care Package and a couple are coming out.

What's going into the Care Package?

  • Rampage LMG: This could be buffed in a multitude of ways, but it might have it's Thermal Grenade power-up removed if it's going into the crate.
  • BOCEK Bow: The bow being moved into the care package is very intriguing. This is a famously weak weapon, so we should expect more than just simple buffs, perhaps even a whole rework.

What's coming out of the Care Package?

  • G7 Scout: The G7 Scout is going to be so much fun to play with more regularly, but obviously, its damage will get a significant nerf if it's becoming a normal weapon once again.
  • Volt SMG: As before, the Volt will have significant more recoil as a ground-loot weapon.

Ammunition Changes

The Wingman is going to become a sniper-ammo weapon and the Spitfire is going to become a light-ammo weapon. Both of these changes should see heavy becoming more balanced with other ammo types. The Wingman in particularly was benefitting too much from its access to heavy-ammo, which is so much more plentiful than sniper ammo.

Balance Changes / New Attachments

The EVA-8 is finally being buffed, after years of it being absolutely trash. We all know how unpopular this weapon is, you almost never see it after the first couple of minutes into a match, so this is a well-deserved buff.

Pistols and SMGs will get access to a new attachment, the laser sight, which will assist with hip-fire accuracy. This is going to be huge, but it makes it all the more important that new players remember to use hip-fire.

Also, the Skull Piercer ho-up is returning for the wingman, longbow and the 3030 repeater. Maybe the 30-30 can finally be worth using...

Equipment Changes in "Hunted"

In Season 14 the Golden Backpack will lose it's Guardian Angel ability, and will get a new ability that allows you to carry three Shield Batteries or three Health Kits in a single slot instead. This is going to allow you to carry far more healing, while freeing up room for other pieces of equipment.

The Golden Knockdown Shield will have it's self-revive ability replaced by the Guardian Angel ability. Which is a straight up nerf, sadly.

We did also hear about a mobile banner retriever that would players to collect their dead teammate's banner from a safe distance, but we don't expect this to be introduced until a later season.

Season 14: New Prestige Level

Rather than simply raising the level cap, Respawn are introducing Prestige levels, which will work exactly as they do in other games. Basically, once you get to level 500, you will be able to reset and restart from level 1, but this time in a new prestige level. There are three prestige levels, so you will be able to get to 500 three more times after the first time. In other words, you can now effectively get to level 2000 (although on your account, it will say Level 500, Prestige 3).

Need help getting to max level?

What Do We Know About The Season 14 Battle Pass?

The Season 14 Battle Pass will cost 950 Apex Coin ($10) and will feature 100 new cosmetic items. There will also be an option to spend, 2800 Apex Coin ($30) and get the Battle Pass with the first 25 tiers already unlocked. So, it's basically the same as every Battle Pass in Apex, or really any game that has a Battle Pass system.

What Ranked Play Changes Are Coming in Season 14?

Respawn haven't announced any changes coming with Season 14 for the ranked modes. But, given how many players have complained about the state of ranked in Season 13, we wouldn't be surprised if they make another change to the system to make it slightly more forgiving in Season 14. We'll have to wait and see.

That's all we know about the new Apex Legends Season so far. What do you think? Does it sound like we're in for a good one? We're pretty excited, the only let-down was no anti-cheat news.