Apex Legends - New Skins | Leaks, Price & Release Date

Tired of your old Apex skins? You're in the right place. Welcome to our hub for new Apex Legends skins, here you can find all the latest leaks, prices and release dates.

New Skins Apex Leak
What new skins can we expect next season? | © EA

If you haven't been keeping up to speed with Apex, allow us to explain the drama right now. Someone shared a folder on Reddit with videos and photos of content in Apex. But it wasn't just one or two skins, years worth of content was leaked, including new Legends, new maps, and even new modes. Whoever made the material put another leakers watermark on the videos, but that leaker had denied having any involvement. Lawsuits are of course being written up at Respawn HQ, but we're just gamers here to enjoy the leaked content. So let's jump in and take a look at all the new skins we saw!

What New Skins Are Coming To Apex Legends?

The recent mega-leak of Apex content also revealed several new Legendary skins being prepared for release, and a new Prestige skin. The original folder that the leaker uploaded for public-access has been removed, but so many people were able to download the data in time, there's simply nothing Respawn could do. And other users are now sharing the leaked files in threads like this:

All Leaks from 3/22 organized into a Google Doc. from ApexUncovered

And while we won't be sharing any images ourselves for legal reasons, we can tell you about the upcoming Legendary and Prestige skins that we saw in the leak.

New Legendary Skins

The new Legendary skins are for Caustic, Valkyrie, Crypto, Loba and Ash. Without going into detail, we'll put it like this: the Caustic and Loba skins are amazing, but the others are a bit meh. And while we can't show you how to access the leak, let's just say that if you really want to get a sneak preview of these skins, it won't be difficult.

New Prestige Skins

The new Prestige skin we saw in the leak is for Bangalore. We can't share any photos, but it looks like full riot armor, in gray and orange. Prestige skins are more for the experienced end of the playerbase, but we would recommend any newer players to check Bangalore out. She's one of the best Legends for beginners in all of Apex.

How Much Will The New Skins Cost?

None of the Legendary skins had a price tag in the leak, but the Prestige skin is going to cost 150 Heirloom Shards. The Prestige skin didn't have a price either, but every Prestige skin is always worth 150 Heirloom Shards, so unless they want to punish the community for "opening our presents early", they'll charge the same price as usual.

When Will The New Skins Be Released?

The new skins will be released when Season 13 launched in early-May. We cannot guarantee the date yet, but everything in this leak points to these skins being released in Season 13.

Until then, let's crack on and enjoy the grind. No doubt in some distant office all the lawsuits are being prepared, and normality will resume again. Well, for everyone but the leaker, we know much they love to punish wrongdoing in Apex...