New Stickers in Apex Legends: Another Shameless Cash Grab?

With the new Apex update we're getting a ton of new content, including...stickers? But many in the community are complaining that this is just a shameless way for Respawn to further lower the value of Apex Packs.

Apex Legends Stickers
The opinions on the new stickers are very diverse... | ©Respawn

The new Apex Legend Season 15 will be released on November 1. Besides a new Map, new hero and also maybe a new weapon, there is a new item called stickers. It's one of the main additions of the new season, but some players are not very happy about it. So, let's talk about these new stickers.

Apex Players Not Happy With Stickers

I think we are all very hyped for the new season in Apex Legends, but the stickers certainly dampen our excitement a bit. For those of you who don't know what stickers are, no worries I'll explain it at the end of this article.

Some players are very upset about this new item/feature, as stickers can only be placed on healing items such as syringes or shield batteries. In the upper picture you can see one example of a sticker, a skull. Honestly, I find it quite boring, but hopefully there will be some better stickers to unlock. But now the reason for the criticism of the stickers. They can be found in Apex Packs, and that's the problem. Many players are furious about the fact that these boring items will "fill" the Packs. You can see a post from the community Apex Reddit here, the comments are not exactly positive.

I have one question, why? from apexlegends

It seems like the stickers will be as useless as Holosprays or emotes. In my opinion, while it's nice to have them, isn't a sticker better than a cool Valkyrie Heirloom? Just kidding, I hope the stickers turn out better than expected. But let's actually get to what these stickers are.

New Stickers in Season 15

One of the main additions of season 15 will be the release of stickers. They can be found and unlocked in Apex Packs, and you can stick them on your healing items. So, your shield cells won't look so boring in the near future. Like I said, it's nice, but I prefer a skin for my weapon or legend to a sticker. The plan is that these stickers will be released with the start of Season 15 in November.

Apex Legends Sticker Example
Looks kinda cute | ©Respawn

Let's face it, in an intense gunfight you're not going to say, "Oh look, this sticker on my syringe looks awesome." But enough talking, let's wait until November and see how it turns out.