First Look at Saviors: New Legend Newcastle & Map Changes

The Apex Legends Saviors trailer is live and shows the new legend and some map changes. What do we know about Newcastle? We have all the info.

Apex Legends Newcastle
Newcastle is looking good. | © EA

We already got a huge leak on Apex Legends last month, which told us quite a bit about new weapons, new Legends and new maps. Now we finally got the official announcement for one of the upcoming new Legends: Newcastle. Who is Newcastle, what role will he take and what are his abilities? We've gathered all the info for you here. Even the Newcastle Reveal Date...

But before we dive further into the details, check out the official Saviors trailer first:

Who is Newcastle?

Have you completed all the Bangalore Challenges in the last few weeks? If so, you already know that Bangalore has been searching for her apparently deceased brother for a long time, which is the only reason why she is participating in the Apex Games at all. As it turns out in the trailer, Newcastle's name isn't Newcastle at all, but Jackson, and he's Bangalore's missing brother. He will be a new support legend who can protect squadmates with a shield and drag them to safety.

According to the trailer, the official reveal will take place this week on April 28, 2022.

Newcastle's Abilities

Newcastle Tactical: Mobile Shield

Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield. A typical support ability that allows you to protect allies or yourself.

Newcastle Passive: Retrieve The Wounded

Drag downed allies while reviving them and protect them with your revive shield. We can see this ability in the trailer when Newcastle pulls the downed Pathfinder to safety.

Newcastle Ultimate: Castle Wall

Jump to an ally or a target area and create an armored wall there. Also seen in the trailer. Newcastle jumps in front of Bangalore and creates a kind of armored wall, behind which you are safe from damage.

New Map Changes

The map we get to see in the trailer is Storm Point, one of the less popular maps in the game. Apparently, Respawn thought so as well and decided to help it out a bit. The giant crab/lobster monster from the trailer will be available on the beach of Storm Point as a new POI and, as we've seen in leaks, can even be entered. Yes, we can walk around in the innards of this critter....

Are you guys hyped for Saviors yet? We're definitely pretty hyped for Newcastle and the strange ugly monster.