Next-Gen Update For Apex Is Now Available For PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

The next-gen update for Apex Legends is available now, and while we didn't get 120fps, there's lots to be excited about. Here are the details, including how to install the update and what new features you can expect.
Apex PS5 Xbox Series S X Update
Finally, the next-gen update is here! | © EA / Sony

It's taken a while, but it's finally here: the next-gen update for Apex Legends. Our favorite Battle Royale will begin taking advantage of all the power under the hood of these new consoles. But when can you download the update? What improvements can you expect? And how do you replace the version currently on your console?

When Is The Next-Gen Update Released In Apex Legends?

The next-gen update will be available for download on Tuesday, March 29 at 10:00 PT (13:00 ET, 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET). The update should be available at the same time on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Hopefully, this should help Respawn, distract people from the massive recent leaks.

What New Features Do You Get With The Next-Gen Update?

So far, you only get the following, but there's more planned for future updates:

  • 4K output (excluding the Xbox Series S)
  • Full 60hz gameplay
  • HDR
  • Higher resolutions shadows (excluding the Xbox Series S)
  • Greater render distances (excluding the Xbox Series S)

Perfect for enjoying the new Capture the Flag mode!

How To Install The Next-Gen Update On PS5

Here's how to install the update on PlayStation:

  1. Navigate to Apex Legends on the PS5 Dashboard, and then tab down once the game is highlighted to open the "Game Hub".
  2. Select the "..." for more options, besides "Play Game".
  3. Press "Select Version" and choose the PS5 version to download.
  4. Once downloaded, delete the PS4 version from your game library.

How To Install The Next-Gen Update On Xbox Series X/S

Apex Legends uses smart delivery on Xbox consoles, so the best version of the game will be automatically installed without you needing to do anything. That was easy, wasn't it? Now you can jump on and get the dubs.

...but if you need any help getting those wins, we have a guide on the best Legends for beginners.

How Will The Next-Gen Version Of Apex Improve In Future?

These features are coming to Apex Legends in the near future:

  • 120hz gameplay
  • Adaptive triggers (PS5 Only)
  • Haptics (PS5 Only)
  • Visual Improvements
  • Audio Improvements

It would have been nice to get 120 frames today, but hopefully it's coming very soon. We'll keep you updated. Until then, let's enjoy the Warriors Collection Event.