Next Apex Legend Revealed: Mirage's Old Rival?

A recent reveal trailer included a sneak preview of the next Legend coming to the Apex Games. Here's everything we know about them so far.

New Legend
He's the opposite of Mirage, or seems to be. | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile is just around the corner, and it looks like one of the best mobile versions of a console game that we've ever seen. Seriously, this could blow PUBG Mobile out the water.

Among all the marketing material for Apex Legends Mobile was an exciting trailer that first gave us the release date. It was focused, of course, on the Apex Games. But at the very end of the trailer, if you kept watching, you got a sneak preview of the new Legend. He wasn't actually in the games, he was in a bar watching it on TV. However, he certainly sounds like he's ready to start competing…

Who Is The Next Apex Legend?

The new Apex Legend is a bitter-sounding older English gentleman. That's really all we know so far as we've only seen him at the end of the release date trailer for Apex Legends Mobile.

In the trailer, you see Mirage win the game, but if you kept watching past the credits, you saw a character sitting in a dark bar watching the Apex Games. Then you hear the news reporters:

A surprising win for Mirage, good for him! Ooh, and it looks like he has some new competition in the next match.

We see a mysterious silhouette on the TV, and the accompanying news report, "New challenger climbing the ranks". Then the camera turns to face the new Legend, and he says:

Show me what you got.

But that's all he said. Here's what he looks like:

New Apex Legend
Looks like a hard man. | © EA

When Is The Next Apex Legend Released?

This new character is a mobile only Legend who will arrive when Apex Legends Mobile launches on May 17. You can play for free, and even pre-register, so there's no excuse to not give it a go, especially if you've got a long commute each day.

We'll update you as soon as hear more about this mysterious new Legend.