R-301 Won't Be Floor Loot Anymore!

One of the most popular guns in Apex Legends is not to be found as ground loot anymore. What happened to the R-301?

You won't find this gun on the floor anymore. | © EA

We just got the Season 13 gameplay trailer and a lot of new details for the new season. We already knew of the new legend Newcastle, Bangalore's brother, who will join our Squad on May 10, and we also got some details on the new IMC armories and the new POI on Stormpoint. But just now we heard about another change, that probably will affect your choice of weapons in your matches to come. So let's take a look at what happened to the popular R-301.

R-301 disappeared from the ground loot

The beloved R-301 will not be available as ground loot anymore. Does that mean that one of the best guns in the game won't be available in game at all? Calm down guys! Don't bite your controller or delete Apex just yet!

Craft yourself a R-301

The R-301 will not be completely gone, in fact it is way easier to get your hands on one. You know those sweet little replicators, right? The R-301 and the Rampage will be available to craft at said replicators for as much as 30 crafting materials. Here is the official announcement confirming that those two guns will replace the Flatline and Longbow (look at the upper right part of the image):

R301 loot
The R-301 will be replacing the Flatline and Longbow. | © EA

So there you have it, with the start of Season 13 you will be able to get a R-301 in every match as long as you can make it to one of those replicators. Also, this of course means that the Flatline will be back as ground loot again.

What do you think about that change? Awesome because you can basically get a guaranteed R-301 every match or bad because you hate crafting and want to loot every weapon you like? Let us know.