You WON’T Get Out Of Gold This Season In Apex Legends

The Apex Legends ranked system is being reworked for Season 13. Here are all the changes coming to ranked mode in Season 13

Ranked Changes Apex Legends
Hand's up Respawn! You just took away my only chance of ever hitting diamond... | © EA

Apex Legends' ranked mode will be getting an overhaul in Season 13 that intends to make the system less forgiving. They released a full breakdown of the changes they intended to make on May 4, and outlined why they were making the changes. According to the devs they want these changes to have the following effect in Apex Legends:

Players will focus on playing as a team, and playing for the win.
RP will be a more accurate representation of your overall game skill.

Well, that's at least what they hope will happen in Season 13. Here's a complete overview of what to expect in the new version of ranked.

All The Changes Coming To Ranked In Season 13

No more kill RP Cap

Previously you would only get XP for the first five kills, but they're removing the Kill RP Cap. However, now the base value of each kill is worth increasingly less, down to a minimum.

Assist Rules

To stop people leaving fights to reset the kill assist time, the kill assist time has been increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds. And now there will be an assist reset when a character is knocked, so if an enemy you helped knock is revived and immediately downed again by one of your allies, you'll still be eligible for an assist credit.

Tier Demotions

This is the big one, previously you could never be demoted into a lower rank once you had reached that rank, but now you can be demoted into a lower rank after losing 3 games in a certain rank. When you're demoted you go into the middle of the rank below.

Entry Cost Adjustments

You will now pay different amounts of RP to enter depending on whether you are tier 1, 2, 3, 4 within a rank, rather than paying the same amount as everyone in a given rank. Here are the exact new costs:






*Masters entry costs further increase with total RP (5 RP every 1000 RP beyond Master Threshold up to 175 RP)

Kill RP & Placement

In a battle royale, placing worse than the bottom half of the lobby is losing. Placements and kills are both important metrics in Ranked. Having kills without the placement should not constitute a success. In response, we have pulled down Kill RP gains for placing worse than 10th. Players placed in this region are likely to lose RP.

Near Tier Below Bronze: Rookie

A new tier has been introduced that represents the very bottom of ranked, in this tier there will be no entry cost for each game.

When Is Apex Legends Season 13?

Apex Legends Season 13 will launch on Tuesday, May 10, at the same time as the regular weekly update (13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET). We don't yet know when the pre-download will be available, nor how big it will be, but you can expect it to be available no later than 12 hours before launch. So, fingers crossed, you can jump right in on Tuesday night.

Here are some of the other things to look forward to in Season 13: