Celine Jäckel 

Whether on Nintendo or on my first own laptop, when little-me finished her homework for the day she would escape into her own fantastical world. My gaming journey began with the Sims 2, which I had to beg for as a Christmas gift. Even back then, my pink Nintendo DS was the best travel companion, so I could fight the boredom with some Animal Crossing. A few years later, I discovered anime and manga, which I still read and collect passionately.

Throughout the years, I've collected a few games, but there's one I'm particularly fond of: League of Legends. Since 2016, I've been a regular guest on the Summoners Rift and met some of my closest friends there. Occasionally you'll find me on the tennis court or, equipped with bubble tea, browsing the city's bookstores for new manga.

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