Best Audio Settings For Warzone Pacific

Turning up your headset and listening out for footsteps is one of the easiest ways for players to improve and boost their k/d. In this article, we're going to go through all the adjustments you can make to achieve the best audio settings in Warzone.

Best Audio Settings Warzone
If only he had heard her coming. | © Activision Blizzard

As annoying as it might be. Sound wh***ing is a thing in Warzone. It can be absolutely clutch at giving a player the advantage they need. There's no fighting it. So what are the best audio settings for Warzone? How can you make footsteps louder? And is there anything you can do to improve your audio setup?

What Are The Best Audio Settings For Warzone?


Audio MixBoost High
Master Volume50
Music Volume0
Dialogue Volume100
Effects Volume100
Cinematic Volume0
Juggernaut MusicDisabled
Hit Marker Sound EffectClassic
Mono AudioDisabled
Mono Amount100

We've toned down the master volume, muted the music, but kept dialogue and effects high. This will get rid of the unnecessary sound, while boosting the effects' audio which we need to hear. We want dialogue loud as well as because characters declare what they're doing out loud in Warzone (for some reason). The perfect example: “Deploying Claymore!”.

Voice Chat

Voice ChatEnabled
Open Mic Recording Threshold4.16
Voice Chat Volume250
Microphone Volume150
Voice Chat EffectNo Effect

We've boosted our teammates quite a bit because voice chat is quiet by default in Warzone. Top tip, check out the voice chat effects for a laugh, they're quite well done, and can make the whole thing more immersive. Voice chat effects aren't recommended for the best Warzone audio settings, however.

What Is The Best Audio Mix For Hearing Footsteps In Warzone?

The best audio mix for hearing footsteps is Boost High. Footsteps are high frequency, whereas distant explosions and gunfire are low frequency, so we want to boost high frequency sound. Although, check out Midnight Mode, another good audio mix, if ever you're playing and want the game in general to be quieter without losing details. Let's hope this level of settings detail will make it into Warzone 2.

Boost High - Footsteps
It's a great little feature. | © Activision Blizzard

How Can You Improve Audio In Warzone?

If you're looking to improve in Warzone, then boosting your setup can do a huge amount. The unfortunate fact is that good hardware gives you an advantage, just look at what scuf controllers can do with their extra paddles. But we've also got some tips for you that are completely free.

Don't Be Afraid To Tell Your Teammates To Shut-Up

This one can be a little more difficult than it seems. A lot of players have anxiety on the mic, but you need to get comfortable telling teammates to shut up, especially in the Gulag. If it's random players, or your friends, and they aren't giving good callouts, consider muting them in clutch moments. Obviously, good communication is a staple of good teamwork, but just listening out for footsteps can be more useful when an enemy is lurking around.

Reduce Background Noise

Obvious right? And we know this is unrealistic for those of you who have kids or pets, or have their console in the living room, but at the very least get yourself a cheap pair of headphones or a headset. Using the stereo from your TV puts you at an immense disadvantage against other players.

Think About The Sound You're Producing

Some of you might not realize just how much the best players will post up and listen for a moment. There's just so much information you can pick up via audio. Different surfaces make distinct noises in Warzone (metal gangways are notoriously the loudest), characters will cough when they're eating gas or reviving a teammate, and let's not even get started on Windows and doors. You need to listen out for these sound queues, and think about how you're producing them. It's easier said than done, but eventually, it becomes fundamental, and you'll think ahead of smashing a window if you might need to use for a rotation later on, for instance. Otherwise, you'll turn out like this chump…

Buy A Good Headset

Last but not least, buy a decent headset, and you will notice improvements. For PC and Xbox users, there are literally thousands of great options out there, and good headsets don't have to be expensive. Unfortunately for PlayStation users, Sony's 3D sound technology is only compatible with the Sony Pulse Bluetooth headset. It's pretty scummy, but that's the product you're going to want if you're playing Warzone on PlayStation. Luckily, the next three CoD games have been confirmed for release on PlayStation, but beyond that the future is less clear…