The Top 5 Best LMGs In Warzone

Do you hate reloading? Just want to keep firing until the barrel glows? Then LMGs could be just the weapon class for you. But since there are only a few options that can keep up with the overwhelming meta of assault rifles and snipers, we've boiled it down to a top 5 ranking of the best LMGs in Warzone.
Warzone best LM Gs
The Bruen still made it to the list. | © Activision

The meta in Warzone has always been dominated by assault rifles and snipers. The submachine guns come into play as a good secondary weapon for close combat, but that's pretty much it… right? Almost. From time to time, a shotgun or an LMG suddenly appears in the meta. One would think that LMGs with their large magazines and enormous damage would be the perfect weapons for huge maps in Warzone, but since they are usually so slow, there are very few that have ever really caught on.

Nevertheless, with every integration of a new CoD game into Warzone there was at least one LMG that was completely broken and abnormally strong. Although they were quickly nerfed, of course, these few machine guns can at least keep up with the current meta to this day. In Vanguard Royale, the game is currently dominated by an LMG, in fact. So let's take a look at which five LMGs in Warzone are still viable and able to compete with the current top-tier weapons.

Bren (VG)

Introduced in Warzone with Vanguard, the Bren is currently one of the strongest, if not the strongest, weapon in the game. Of course, you need the right attachments first, but then the Bren becomes a demon, with little recoil and an incredibly fast TTK. Oh yeah, the range on this thing is phenomenal too. It's an LMG, of course, and slow as a result, but it's still more mobile than some other weapons in this class. Anyone who's bored with the same long-range AR builds over and over again should definitely check out the Bren. But remember to bring a good SMG for close combat. Here is our best Warzone Bren loadout.

Warzone Bren
The Bren feels like it's throwing bricks. | © Activision

MG 82 (BOCW)

The MG 82 was completely broken when it was introduced in Black Ops Cold War Season 4. The MG 82's ridiculous rate of fire makes it difficult to control, if you can handle it, then you'll chop up. Sure, it takes a few attachments and a lot of practice to get the MG 82 in a good place, but then you have a real shredder. Even after multiple nerfs, this weapon can still do tremendous damage in the right hands. This is the current meta attachment setup.

Warzone MG 82
Always strong, but no longer completely broken. | © Activision

Type 11 (VG)

The Japanese Type 11 was also introduced when Vanguard was integrated into Warzone. Aside from strong mobility, the Type 11 can boast impressive accuracy at long range thanks to low recoil. The stats are actually pretty great, so why isn't it higher on the list? Quite simply, while its range, accuracy, and mobility are very good, it just can't compete with the aforementioned LMGs in terms of damage. But if you're looking for an LMG that plays more like an assault rifle and is very easy to control, you should give the Type 11 a chance. Here is our Type 11 setup guide.

Warzone Type 11
It looks ugly, but don't judge a book by it's cover. | © Activision


The good old PKM… The iconic LMG from Modern Warfare is still the absolute heavy hitter among the LMGs in Warzone. It's probably the LMG on our list that best fulfills the role of a big machine gun. It's damn slow and takes forever to reload, but holds an incredible 200 rounds in the magazine and packs a punch like nothing else. The perfect weapon for all support players who want to cover their squad with fire and have the patience to play a little more passively. Find good cover, use the mounting mechanic, and let it rain. The PKM will let you fire non-stop for an unbelievable 16 seconds… Here's our best setup for the PKM.

Warzone PKM
The OG. | © Activision

Bruen MK9 (MW)

Do you remember the Bruen? This puppy came into play with Modern Warfare Season 3 and was completely broken at the time. With the right attachments, it played like an assault rifle, but had the damage and range of an LMG. Of course, the Bruen was nerfed pretty soon after, but it's still a very good choice for players looking to try a slightly beefier assault rifle. Just pack the 60-round magazine, which is more than enough, and you can aim and reload almost as quickly as with an assault rifle. Mobility isn't noticeably worse, either. Here is our best Bruen MK9 setup for Warzone.

Warzone Bruen
The Bruen is still as fast you remember. | © Activision

How Should You Play With An LMG In Warzone?

Passively. Sure, everyone can play how they want, but if you specifically choose an LMG for your loadout, you should generally play a little more passively. As a rule of thumb, you always want the enemy to run to you. Even if many LMGs can definitely be improved with attachments for better mobility, their strengths lie in range and damage. LMGs are therefore best suited for covering objectives or supporting your squadmates during a push. Find a good power position and use the range and large magazine of your light machine gun.

But always remember to have a good secondary weapon with you for close combat, in case you're being pushed or need to make a quick rotation. The top ten SMG in Warzone can be found here.

Do you like LMGs or do you prefer to be mobile and rely on speed? If you want to be fast, then maybe you should take a look at the best assault rifles in Warzone instead.