The Best Perks In Warzone

In addition to weapons, the choice of perks in Warzone is one of the most important factors in your loadout. But what are the currently best perks in Warzone?

Best Warzone Perks
What are the hottest perks right now in Warzone? | © Activision

Everyone wants to win in Warzone, but what can help us the most besides skill? Exactly, a good loadout. However, many only think of weapons when they hear the term loadout. Of course, having the right meta weapons is a good thing, but there's a lot more to making a strong loadout. Having the right perks and equipment can save your ass time and time again. In this article, we're going to go over the current perk meta in Warzone. We'll show you the best two perks for each slot in the game and then explain why these perks are currently the hard meta.

What Are The Best Perks Warzone?

Below we list the two best perks in each category. Overkill isn't listed here because it's the default for 99% of players when getting their first loadout. So instead, we're focusing on those second loadout perks, the once that complete the build. Of course, with the ground loot being so good, you might want to skip Overkill these days.

Best Warzone Perks: Slot 1

Perk slot 1
The blue perks are all defensive. | © Activision

The best perks in the blue slot are EOD and Cold-Blooded. If you don't even know what the two perks do, here's an explanation again:

  • EOD: Reduces damage from explosions and fire from nonlethal killstreaks by 45%. Increases throwback reaction time and negates shrapnel effects.
  • Serpentine: Reduces incoming damage from bullets, explosives, and fire by 15% while sprinting

Both perks are passive bonuses that will save your life on a regular basis. Those who like to jump right into the middle of the action and do a lot of CQC should go for EOD, as it allows you to eat the clays and nades.

Serpentine, on the other hand, can be used passive or aggressive. Passive players will benefit from it because they can take more damage when sprinting from cover to cover, while aggressive players can rush their enemies without getting downed immediately.

Best Warzone Perks: Slot 2

Perks slot 2
These are the strongest perks. | © Activision

In the second slot you should run Tempered or Restock. Here's what these two clutch perks do:

  • Restock: Replenishes equipment every 25 seconds except Stims (which take 60s)
  • Tempered: Armor plates are filled with 2 instead of 3 plates

Restock is especially strong when you rely heavily on your equipment. Snapshot grenades for tagging enemies are very popular right now, and when combined with Restock, you've got your enemies tagged pretty much non-stop. But even if you don't use snapshot grenades, it can't hurt to get your equipment refilled every 25 seconds for free without having to find the stuff in ground loot.

Restock's benefits are obvious, but why is Tempered so good, you ask? Quite simply, when you add your armor plates, you only have to put on two, which is significantly faster than three, and will effectively mean you're carrying 4 full health recharges with a satchel rather than 2. So for speed and efficiency.

As mentioned above, overkill also falls into this category. So if you absolutely want to have a loadout with two primary weapons, you have to choose Overkill in the second slot and unfortunately do without other perks until you get the second loadout drop.

Best Warzone Perks: Slot 3

Combat scout
Combat Scout is just OP. | © Activision

In the third and final slot, Amped and Combat Scout are currently the best choices. Here's what they do:

  • Amped: Speeds up weapon swapping and rocket launcher reloading
  • Combat Scout: Enemies hit are briefly marked for you and the entire squad

Amped is a very good perk for all sniper players out there. As a sniper, you usually have a big sniper in your loadout, which of course is not suitable for close combat, and an SMG or an assault rifle. If you are ambushed or pushed while sniping, your chances of survival increase immensely the faster you can switch to your secondary weapon.

And Combat Scout is what everyone should use if they're not relying on Amped because it's so damn strong. This perk marks your enemies for both you and your squad opponent. And it live pings enemies through walls and other cover, which is just fantastic in the dense jungle landscape of Caldera. Yep, this perk is the enemy of bush campers everywhere.

To recap, here are the current best perks in Warzone in a nice table:

Perks 1 (blue)
Perks 2 (red)
Perk 3 (yellow)
SerpentineTemperedCombat Scout

These are currently the best perks in Warzone. Of course, you can experiment as much as you like, but with a combination of the perks mentioned above, you are going to be best prepared.

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If you're still looking for good weapons to go alongside these perks, we can currently recommend the H4 Blixen and the BAR.