The 5 Best Snipers In Warzone

We all love a clean one-hit headshot down – the moment snipers live for. But what rifle should you take for the job? Here's are the 5 best snipers in Warzone.
Best Snipers In Warzone
"Fifteen years ago, I was in Chernobyl under the lead of Captain MacMillan for some wetwork. The target: Imran Zakhaev." | © Activision Blizzard

One of the most satisfying feelings in Warzone is getting a clean headshot from 200 yards. However, there are now so many snipers in Warzone that you might not know what the best rifle for the job is. Sure, the Kar98k is an obvious pick, but what else is viable? Here are the 5 best snipers in Warzone, and a few tips for how to use them effectively.

Of course, if you're more interested in assault rifles or submachine guns, we also have detailed tier rankings for them too.

AX-50 (MW)

The heavy sniper nerf in Vanguard and Warzone Season 3 has taken away the one-shot potential of many weapons. Only a few snipers are still able to take out enemies with a single headshot. The AX-50 is one of them, and since it's a bit more mobile than the really slow HDR, it now makes it to the top of the current sniper meta. Here we have a detailed AX-50 guide.

AX 50
Back at the top. | © Activision


The HDR has been popular since Warzone's launch, and while the meta shifted to more aggressive options, the recent Sniper nerfs led to the HDR being back in the meta. The bullet dropoff is almost non-existent and the velocity is fantastic, so even leading shots shouldn't be too difficult. This is the rifle for those of you who want a more traditional sniper; making slow and deliberate shots from range. Here is our best HDR setup.

The HDR has been a solid long-range option since launch | © Activision Blizzard

3-Line Rifle (VG)

The 3-Line Rifle was never bad, but it could never keep up with the top weapons in terms of speed and mobility. Thanks to the enormous bullet speed and its one-shot potential, it has now overtaken many of the nerfed snipers. With a typical long range sniper build, it can definitely keep up with the previously mentioned guns. Here is our best 3-Line Rifle setup and loadout.

3 Line Rifle Main
20 rounds and wild velocity. | © Activision Blizzard

Kar98K (MW)

I mean, yeah, obviously. Have you played Warzone? Then you've been killed by one of these. The Kar98k isn't the easiest sniper to use, especially at longer ranges, but it's incredibly mobile for a sniper. This means you can use it in more situations than you can with almost any other weapon in the class. Since the latest nerf however, the Kar isn't able to down enemies with one shot to the head anymore, which caused it to get more and more unpopular. Here's the setup you want for this rifle.

The Kar got hit hard by the nerfs. | © Activision Blizzard

Swiss K31 (BOCW)

If you've been keeping up to speed with Warzone, then you'll have seen this increasingly replace the Kar in the past. Not that everyone would choose to, it's largely personal preference, but the Swiss is definitely becoming more popular. It can match or beat the Kar in almost every stat besides ADS potential, in which the Kar is ever so slightly faster at 367ms compared to the Swiss K31's 417ms. But just like the Kar98k, the Swiss got hit hard by the recent Sniper nerfs, so it can't keep up anymore with the AX-50 or HDR. Here's the current meta build for the Swiss K31.

For a complete breakdown of the Kar vs. Swiss debate, check out our article on the subject.

Swiss K31
The Swiss K31 is an upstart from Season 2, and it's been challenging the Kar in a big way. | © Activision Blizzard

Where To Snipe In Warzone

The ideal spot for sniping has only two entrances to cover and waist-high cover, so you can safely revive teammates while prone. In practice, this means looking for roofs that have only two flights of stairs and no other way to reach the roof. Of course, other higher spots will work as well, as long as they provide adequate cover. And in Caldera, you'll find fewer rooftops, but there are still some that work perfectly.

As soon as you have found a suitable roof, you have to set yourself up properly. Place at least one Claymore in each of the two staircases – not directly by the door, but a little further down the staircase, so you have time to react. Once that's done you close both doors, this will give you extra time to react and opening the doors will give you a forewarning. Now you can snipe in peace and if one of your comrades goes down, you simply lie down to revive and opposing snipers can no longer see you.

How Should You Snipe In Warzone?

In general, you want to be as quick and unpredictable as possible: aim quickly, land hits, and then switch to a new position. Here are some tips:

  • Never peek the same spot twice, rotate after every shot.
  • Never hardscope for very long, the optic glint will give away your position.
  • Don't over adjust on moving targets or targets within 150 m, velocity should guarantee you hit exactly where you aim.
  • Allow for bullet drop at greater distances, but never too much. As a rule of thumb, imagine you're shooting a hat off their head when they're between 200-300 m away.
  • Buy Precision Airstrikes as killstreaks to eliminate downed enemies.
  • Switch to your secondary weapon when you are not actively sniping, and swap the sniper out for a sub in the sixth circle.

These are the current 5 best snipers in Warzone and some basic tips on how best to use a sniper. But what's your favorite sniper? Have you ever tried anything other than the Kar98k?