Best Warzone Ranked Loadout | Absolute Meta: AR/SMG

Warzone finally has a ranked mode. The ranked mode is trios only on Al Mazrah, and shields are banned. Here is the best loadout you can use.

Best Warzone Ranked Loadout
This is the best loadout for Warzone ranked. | © Activision

Warzone Season 3: Reloaded finally gave CoD's BR a ranked mode. In this article we will go through the best possible loadout for an average player trying to rank up, this is the absolute meta for Warzone ranked.

Quite predictably this loadout will consist of a long-range AR and an SMG. You might consider a sniper, but we would advise against it for most players. While a sniper can be very fun, and it might let you steal some kills from afar, in desperate situations a sniper will not save you – an SMG can.

If you want to play Warzone ranked seriously, then you should also consider the following after you've read this article:

Best Warzone Ranked Loadout: ISO Hemlock & Lachmann Sub

Primary Weapon: Lachmann Sub / MP5 (SMG)

We put the Lachmann in our primary slot because if we're in a situation where we need to quickly grab our loadout and fight, the SMG is the best option. Here is the best loadout for the Lachmann:

Lachmann SMG For Warzone Ranked
We love the Lachmann, which is tied with the Vaznev as "absolute meta". | © Activision


MuzzleXTEN Razor CompAim Down Sight Speed (-0.80 oz) / Gun Kick Control (+0.35 in)
BarrelL38 Falcon 226MMAim Walking Speed (-0.50 lb) / Damage Range (+0.40 in)


1MW Quick Fire LaserSprint To Fire Speed (-0.50 oz) / Aim Down Sight Speed (-51.00 ft)
Rear GripLachmann TCG-10Aim Down Sight Speed (-1.00 oz) / Sprint To Fire Speed (-0.45 in)
Magazine60 Round DrumDefault

The Lachmann already has fantastic mobility and a great TTK. But we need to add more rounds for Warzone, so we've gone for the 50 round magazine. We also need slightly more damage range for Warzone, so we've taken the extended barrel. With the other three attachments, we've just tried to make the most efficient tradeoffs for an SMG: the laser gives us a little extra mobility, while both the muzzle device and the stock increase recoil control.

Secondary Weapon: ISO Hemlock

In the secondary slot, our long-range AR:

ISO Hemlock for Warzone Ranked
The ISO Hemlock is the best long range AR for the average player. | © Activision


MuzzleZulu-60Recoil Smoothness (+1.40 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+1.00 in)
BarrelFielder-T50Recoil Steadiness (+0.50 lb) / Damage Range (+0.40 in)
OpticAim OP-V4Default
Magazine45 Round MagDefault
UnderbarrelDemo Firm GripRecoil Stabilization (+0.78 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+0.40 in)

That was the best loadout for Warzone ranked. We hope you found it helpful.

If you find yourself enjoying Call of Duty played competitively, then we recommend checking out the CDL on the weekends. Multiplayer is quite different to Warzone of course, but it scratches the competitive itch.

Next year's game does not fill us with hope...

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