How to Solve "Warzone Checking for Update" Bug

The Warzone "checking for update" bug is back again. Let's see how we can fix that bug and get you in the lobby again.

Warzone checking for updates
How to fix the checking for update bug in Warzone? | © Activision

What is more annoying than wanting to start up a game in Warzone after a hard, long day at work, and the game just telling you no? Yup, nothing. But this is exactly what happens to a lot of Warzone players after new updates. So let's take a look at how to fix the Warzone 'checking for update' bug.

What is the Warzone Checking for Update Bug?

Whenever you start up Warzone on PC, Xbox or PlayStation the game starts checking for updates to make sure the latest version is installed. For some players the game gets stuck in the checking for update screen and just won't load into the game. While we don't know what exactly is causing the bug to appear, we do know some possible ways to fix it.

How to Fix the Warzone Checking for Update Bug

There are several workarounds for the bug, some of them are only available on PC though. In the following we will explain the best fixes for the Warzone checking for update bug on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

How to Fix the Warzone Checking for Update Bug on PC

We will only mention the PC-exclusive fixes here. Fixes connected to your internet connection or incomplete updates can be found in the console fixes beneath.

  • Scan and repair Warzone's game files
    • Go to
    • Go to Warzone
    • Click 'Options' and 'Scan and Repair'
    • Wait for it to finish and restart the game
  • Disable your firewall temporarily
    • Press the ‘Windows Logo’ key and the ‘R’ key at the same time
    • Type: control firewall.cpl into the box and click ‘Ok’
    • Now select ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off’
    • Then click on ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall’ for all three settings, and click ‘Ok’
    • Restart Warzone

How to Fix the Warzone Checking for Update Bug on Xbox & PlayStation

  • Restart your router
    • Plug out your router
    • Wait for at least 10 seconds
    • Plug your router back in and wait for a couple of minutes
    • Restart the game
  • Restart your console
    • Turn off your console
    • Unplug the console and wait a couple of seconds
    • Plug it back in and restart the console
    • Restart the game
  • Redownload the latest Update
    • Go to 'Downloads' on PlayStation or 'My Games and Apps' on Xbox
    • Select the update you want to delete and cancel it
    • Restart Warzone and check if it is updating normally

Hopefully one of our fixes could help you get in your next Warzone match. If a new fix is available we will update this article for you.