Surprising Call of Duty: Warzone Update Uninstalls Your Game

Warzone update uninstalls game
Raven tried to fix a minor Call of Duty: Warzone issue. Instead, they uninstalled people's games. (Credit: FaZe Clan via Giphy)

Developers Raven Software delivered a surprising Call of Duty: Warzone update but while intentons were probably good, the results are a lot of unhappy customers. Warzone connections are breaking down and people's game files are being uninstalled as we speak.

An unannounced Call of Duty: Warzone update has caused more trouble than it's solved. Sadly typical for updates trying to fix one single minor issue, Raven Software's new patch has caused massive discontent among Call of Duty players.

Call of Duty: Warzone Update Uninstalls Game

At first, all the new Warzone update was doing is destabilize people's connection. It was later found out that players were kicked out of a match when they were playing with incompatable teammates - when playing the non-updated version you would be kicked when paired with players that applied the update.

Things really went wild after Raven's tweet that "things should be back to normal" though. Apparently, the fix to the fix caused some players' versions of Warzone to just... uninstall themselves. Needless to say, those that experience this latest issue are in a bit of a fit. Even if no files are getting lost in all of this, a 90 GB re-installation without warning will naturally make you a little mad.

The ridiculous part is that this was supposed to be a relatively small Warzone patch that deals with an issue with Reactive Blueprints. Instead, it turned into a mini-fiasco. With another update scheduled for this week, we just hope Raven don't somehow manage to uninstall our entire gaming library.

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