Warzone 2's "Las Almas" New Map Revealed - Massive & Mexican

CoD 2023, which we currently believe will be called MW3, brings with it a new big Warzone map set in Mexico. Let's take a look at "Las Almas" the new Warzone map.

Warzone new Map Las Almas
This is what the new Warzone map Las Almas looks like in the Modern Warfare II campaign. | © Activision

The next big Warzone map for Battle Royale modes has been leaked. We have the complete map and the release date for you below.

The map is set in Mexico, and it is going to be called "Las Almas". This location actually features in 2022's Modern Warfare II. In that game Las Almas is used as the basis for a number of multiplayer maps, as well as a couple of missions in the campaign.

"Las Almas" New Warzone Map: Release Date

"Las Almas" will apparently go live when Season 1 of Warzone 2 Year 2 begins on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. In other words, this will be launched alongside Modern Warfare 3, but it will technically be released a few weeks after the full title (which is exactly what they've done for the last three years).

News of this release date comes from CharlieIntel:

The game [Modern Warfare 3] will have its own, large Warzone map with its Season 01 launching December 5, 2023.

So, not all that long to wait. And don't forget we will get a new Resurgence map before then called Vondel, set in Amsterdam.

"Las Almas" New Warzone Map: Leaked Tac-Map

The complete map of Las Almas has actually already been leaked, check it out:

Las Almas New Warzone Map
This is the new Warzone map, Las Almas. | © @ModernWarzone via Twitter

It looks like it should offer a greater variety of urban environments than Al Mazrah does. However, we would have liked to see more verdant areas; we've already had a desert for a whole year.

What do you think about the new map? Does it look like a good one, or are you expecting to be disappointed?

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