Warzone Update: CX-9 Buffed & Krig 6 Nerfed

Krig 6 Nerf CX 9 Buffed
This is going to come as a surprise to those who have been leveling the CX-9 in Multiplayer... | © Activision Blizzard

Raven just implemented an update for Warzone. The Krig 6 was nerfed slightly. And the CX-9, a new SMG, was buffed. Both changes were clearly implemented to reward skill and more significantly punish bad aim. We've got the full patch notes beneath.

"What the hell?" I can hear many of you asking. The Krig 6 nerf makes sense, sure, it's been doing well, it's very popular and a little nerf was pretty predictable. But the CX-9 getting a buff? For a great many players who have been unlocking and leveling the weapon in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer, this will come as surprising news. In that environment, the thing has been a beast.

Warzone and Modern Warfare have balanced weapons independently of each other for quite some time though, and these are updates from Raven for Warzone - not the Multiplayer. That said, the CX-9 had fairly similar characteristics in both games on launch; it was an SMG with a very impressive rate of fire and a good potential magazine capacity.

I suppose Raven feared that, as is so often the case, because the CX-9 would be limited by range as an SMG, it needed that extra boost to help get into the coveted 'meta'. Perhaps the update will do that. It certainly won't have been enough to displace the Krig from that position.

Warzone Update 05/08/2021: Patch Notes

The update is very small, so you don't need to worry about waiting for a download tonight before you can play. Here are the balance changes:

  • Krig 6
    • Lower Torso Multiplier decreased from 1.1 to 1
    • Maximum Damage Range decreased from 1500 to 1400
  • CX-9
    • Increased mid damage range from 20 to 21
    • Increased Headshot Multiplier from 1.4 to 1.45

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How Will The Changes Effect These Weapons

The Krig 6 won't be as rewarding to players who can't at least hit center chest reliably. But it's a damage multiplier reduction of 0.1, which equates to about 3.5 points of damage lost for the shots that go lower torso. This isn't too punishing. And the range nerf is really a placebo, that won't noticeably change the gun at all, it just prevents the occasional flukey nonsense. So in all, the Krig shouldn't feel too different if you're still rocking it right now. Phew.

The community needs more hands-on time with the CX-9 to really judge whether it will have a place in the Warzone meta. These changes will reward the players landing headshots, and open the gun up to a little more versatility with the mid-range damage buff. But it's yet to be seen whether this will make it a serious challenger in Warzone.

Raven are clearly trying to reward skilled play more. This is a trend we've seen in recent balance changes, and it's been their expressed intention since at least Season 3. What that holds for the future of Warzone is uncertain, but it's a question that certainly bears asking.

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