Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event: Live Updates and All New Info

Warzone Season 3 Nuke
The Nuke Event has finally taken place, and it is still in full swing! (Credit: Activision)

Warzone Season 3 Operation Rapid Sunder, better known as the Warzone Nuke Event, is in full swing. We'll keep you up to date with all the new developments in this update article in case you can't witness it yourself.

We already discussed the schedule for the long-awaited Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event in one of our previous articles. Below, we will list all new developments in today's Nuke Event, including any leaks that may develop, in chronological order.

In addition, if you want to check out the complete Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes, you can check out our article, which breaks it all down in detail for you.

Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event Live Updates:

[22. April, 01:00 PT]

Raven Software Creative Director confirms the old Verdansk will never come back:

[22. April, 12:10 PT]

Verdansk '84 is now live! The Nuke Event is somewhat over, though we are not quite sure what happens to modern Verdansk after the Nuke just yet. The new map includes a bunch of cool new stuff, which we will cover in full in a future article, but specifically:

  • 7 New Points of Interest.
  • 5 Remade Locations.
  • The whole map has been looked into, making everything 80s themed.
  • It's now set in Spring.
  • There's a new Aeroplane Factory near the Superstore.
  • Gora Dam is now Gora Summit, a classic CoD map, and has working cable-cars.
  • Farmhouse is now Standoff.
  • Airport has been rebuilt.
  • The Stadium has been changed again.
  • Downtown has less buildings.

Ah, what are we doing? You want to play, don't you? Jump in! Here is the new trailer for Verdansk '84, which has just been released by Activision!

[22. April, 12:00 PT]

Destruction of Verdansk: Part 2

The final stage of the Warzone Nuke Event is now live, showing exactly what happens on Rebirth Island when the Nuke devastates Verdansk. It tasks you with retrieving... a device!

After completing the final part of the Destruction of Verdansk playlist, you are greeted with a new cutscene, which you can see below. Once you have completed the mission, the cinematic shows you exactly how Verdansk '84 came to be, as we zoom back in time to see Verdansk during the 1980s. Check it out!

[22. April, 11:40 PT]

Call of Duty has posted their final blog update, including details for the Rebirth Island Mission, start time, and more.

Rebirth island mission
Here are the details in the latest Call of Duty Blog Post! (Credit: Activision)

[22. April, 10:00 PT]

Activision has revealed the new BOCW & Warzone Season 3 Intro Cinematic Video! Check it out, the ending shows part of the new Verdansk 1984 Warzone Map.

[22. April, 08:00 PT]

Verdansk 1984 Confirmed By Activision!

Activision have confirmed via the official Call of Duty Twitter account that the new Warzone map will be set in 1980s Verdansk. They even released a hilarious and insanely awesome trailer for it. We will write up a full article with all the juicy details, but for now, check it out:

[22. April, 02:00 PT]

It seems that some players have already been able to explore the new 1980s version of Verdansk. The map should not be available yet, but as the following video shows, some players have already found their way onto the map.

[22. April, 01:50 PT]

It has been revealed that typing the code OBLIVION into the Rebirth Island teaser site reveals a preview of an unknown Warzone map Trailer. Yet again, it looks pretty clear that we are heading back to the 1980s! Additionally, typing PARADIGM gives you a look at the new Gulag.

And the PARADIGM result...

[22. April, 00:30 PT]

1980s Verdansk Map has been leaked from above. It looks pretty likely that this will be the new Warzone Map after all. So long, Ural Mountains...

[21. April, 23:00 PT]

The first few images of the Warzone 1980s version of Verdansk have been leaked. Check these beauties out!

[21. April, 22:30 PT]

Despite already being aware of this clip from prior leaks, Objective #2 on the Rebirth from the Ashes Website has been revealed. Helicopters? Radiation?

[21. April, 21:15 PT]

There has been a new teaser on the Call of Duty Twitter account. Well... that's odd! This was what was meant by "Update Comms" in leak from Call of Duty's Twitter Account

[21. April, 21:00 PT]

Warzone Season 3 is live, and the Call of Duty blog has been updated. According to Activision, the next part of the Warzone Nuke Event will start at 21:00 CEST, or 12PM PT. No changes to Rebirth Island have been revealed as of writing.

[21. April 20:00 PT]

Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes are live. You can check them out in full, with our detailed analysis, in our article.

[21. April, 19:00 PT]

A new website, called Rebirth from the Ashes, has been discovered. It is live now! Go check it out...

[21. April, 15:00 PT]

You can see the Nuclear Explosion or Mushroom cloud in Verdansk, from Rebirth Island! Nice world building, boys, nice world... building? Now, that's a Nuke Event!

[21. April, 14:00 PT]

A new playlist update has added Aftermath – Rebirth Island – a nighttime version of Rebirth Island, that presumably contains clues as to what will happen next in the Nuke Event.

Nuclear Fallout engulfs Verdansk. Take a look at what happens next. Head to Rebirth Island and fight all night in timed versions of Resurgence, Mini Royale, and Kingslayer. Look for clues amidst the Aftermath.

[21. April, 13:00 PT]

In a new Call of Duty blog post, Rebirth Island radio called Verdansk and asks what happened. So, Rebirth Island seems to still have an important role to play.

[21. April, 12:00 PT]

Destruction of Verdansk: Part 1

The first part of the Nuke Event went as follows:

  • Players landed in Verdansk, and on the map all the named locations are crossed out in red, meaning that the Zombies have completely taken over Verdansk.

  • Each player in the lobby tries to survive as long as possible, which is rewarded with XP at regular intervals.
  • Players must fight their way to the pickup zone, but cannot exfiltrate.
  • Whoever dies turns into a Zombie.
  • At the end of the match, a warning message with a countdown is displayed, after which the following clip plays...

  • Verdansk was blown up by a Nuclear Missile, which is the end of Destruction of Verdansk: Part 1.
  • Those who have completed Part 1 also received a Containment Protocol Calling Card.

It looks like the Warzone Nuke Event has finally come... its destruction looks intense, and also super cool!

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