Warzone Season 5 Leaked | Umbrella Academy And EM1

Guess what was added into the files for Season 4? If you guessed: Files for Season 5, then you are absolutely right. I really don't know what CoD is thinking when they do stuff like this, but hey, I'm not a dev.

Umbrella Academy x Warzone
This cross over is going to be interesting. | © Activision & Netflix

Dataminer @r3al1tyuk dove into the Warzone files when Season 4: Reloaded was released, and found some very interesting things regarding Season 5. He leaked the two new weapons that going to be coming with the new season, and an upcoming cross-over.

Obviously, these are leaks, so take them with a grain of salt, but things get added to the files for a reason, so there could be some truth to these files.

Umbrella Academy Coming To Warzone

As you can clearly see from the picture and title, we'll be getting an Umbrella Academy cross-over - apparently. R3al1tuk leaked some file strings he found that states that we will be getting two Umbrella Academy bundles in Season 5. As per usual, we expect both of the bundles to go for 2400 CoD Points. The files also revealed, what was going to come in those bundles, so let's take a look shall we:

Cha Cha Bundle:

"Preserve the time continuum and get loaded up on sugar with the tracer pack: Umbrella Academy - Cha Cha Bundle"

  • Bundle features blueprints with sugar blue-pink tracers and random Mayhem Dismemberment
  • Vanguard only item

Hazel Bundle:

"Ready to get infamous? Start some instant armageddon with the tracer pack: Umbrella Academy - Hazel Bundle"

  • Bundle features blueprints with psychotic pink-blue tracers and random Mayhem Dismemberment
  • Vanguard only item

The guns for these bundles weren't leaked yet, but we expect up to three different guns in these bundles. Charms, calling cards, sprays and a watch will probably also be featured in these. Unfortunately, we don't really know which operators we're getting, and since the Umbrella Academy is made up of eight members, could we maybe see two bundles with four different operator skins? That would definitely be a first.

As for the Vanguard only items. Those will probably end up being operator highlights and intros, since those are the only Vanguard items featured in bundles. I also don't understand what the difference between pink-blue and blue-pink tracers is, but apparently there is a difference. If it's only the sequence of the bullets, then that would definitely be very disappointing.

This isn't going to be the first cross-over in Warzone, check out some of the others:

But that's not all. If you purchase both bundles before September 30th, so the release will probably be some time early September, you'll also receive some extra items in Season 5. Similar to the Godzilla x King Kong cross-over, where you were also rewarded with some items, if you purchased two bundles. This is what you'll be getting:

  • Legendary KG M40 Blueprint
  • Legendary Weapon Charm
  • Legendary Calling Card

Warzone Season 5 New Weapons

As previously mentioned, r3al1tyuk also leaked the two guns coming to Warzone in season 5, and one of them will be a familiar face. Similar to the Vargo-S we got, which was a different variant of the BOCW Vargo 52, it looks like we'll be getting the EM1 in Season 5, which will be the predecessor of the existing EM2.

Warzone S5 EM2
Looks like the EM2 will be making a return. | © Activision

The second weapon we'll be getting with Season 5, looks to be a marksman rifle or sniper, hard to tell because the weapon was leaked as the RA 225, and if you google that name, you'll basically see no results whatsoever. A sniper would make some amount of sense, since the last sniper we got was the Gorenko Anit-Tank Rifle, and it's been out for quite some time.

As for the mid season weapon, it looks like this was also leaked, but this time by @CODSploitzImgz on Twitter. It looks to be some sort of small compact SMG. It looks like an SMG version of the BOCW pistol AMP 63, so maybe it could be a pistol. But let's be real here, no one want a pistol, we would rather have a new SMG to play with.

And those were all the leaks found regarding Season 5. What do you think? Will you be getting the Umbrella Academy Bundles? Or are you more excited about the weapons?