Warzone & Vanguard Playlist Update Today

The weekly CoD: Vanguard and Warzone Playlist Update is live again. In this article, we update all the new playlists each week, and give an explanation for the Warzone game modes.

Vanguard steelcase
Which playlists are live right now? | © Activision

Every week, Raven Software is switching out the currently available game modes in Warzone in the so-called Warzone Playlist Update. At the same time, Sledgehammer is updating the Vanguard playlists. To keep you guys up to date, we will include all the current playlists of Warzone and Vanguard in this article. We will also deliver a short explanation of all game modes available.

Vanguard Playlist Update Today, August 11

MultiplayerOldies but Goodies
Small Zone Blitz
All Out Blitz
Overclocked Moshpit
Arms Race
Champion Hill - Singles
ZombiesDer Anfang
Der Anfang Solo
Terra Maledicta
Terra Maledicta Solo
Shi No Numa
Shi No Numa Solo

Warzone Playlist Update Today

As always, you can find the latest Warzone patch notes here.

Warzone Playlist Update: August 11

CalderaBattle RoyaleSolos, Duos, Trios
WSOW Battle RoyalTrios
Titanium Trials: EnduranceQuads
Fortune's KeepResurgenceSolos, Duos, Trios, Quads
Rebirth IslandResurgenceQuads

Warzone Playlist Update: August 18

CalderaBattle RoyaleSolos, Duos, Trios
Golden PlunderQuads
Titanium Trials: EnduranceQuads
Fortune's KeepResurgenceQuads
Rebirth IslandResurgenceSolos, Duos, Trios, Quads

Warzone Playlist Update: Game Modes Explained

Some of the game modes in Warzone are only available for a limited time and will then be removed to return at a later point in the season or even the next season. To make sure you know every game mode, we will explain the more exotic game modes and especially the time-limited ones. Let's go!

What is Vanguard Plunder?

Vanguard Plunder is basically the same as the well-known Plunder mode. You land on the map and must immediately try to collect as much cash as possible. The biggest difference to the normal Plunder mode is that you have to follow the Vanguard rules. As in Vanguard Royale, you can only use weapons and equipment from Vanguard.

What is Vanguard Royale?

Vanguard Royal takes place on Caldera and basically works like Battle Royale, but players can only use weapons and equipment from Vanguard. Fighter planes and anti-aircraft guns are also available. In addition, there are some minor changes, such as the fact that loadout drops can only be purchased after the first public event. A detailed explanation of the mode can be found here.

What is Warzone Resurgence?

Resurgence is mostly played on Rebirth Island and is one of the most action-packed modes in Warzone. There is no Gulag, but players can respawn, as long as one of their squadmates is still alive. If you die, you have to wait for a Rebirth Countdown to deplete. That countdown shortens every time your teammates make a kill or complete a contract. All of this makes Resurgence a really fast-paced experience that feels much more like Team Deathmatch than Battle Royale.

What is Warzone Buy-Back

In Warzone buy-back there's no Gulag but if you have $4500 in the pocket then you will automatically redeploy when you're killed. This is true until the closing of the fourth round, at which point you no longer redeploy even if you have enough cash. It's very similar to normal BR, but it plays more aggressively.

What is Warzone Mini Royale?

Mini Royale is exactly what it sounds like – Battle Royale, but smaller. Basically, you only experience the first 5 and the last 10 minutes of a normal BR match. Mini Royale is limited to 78 players, can only be played in Trios, has a smaller starting area, faster closing circles, and the Gulag is closed after the first 5 minutes of the match – a whole match of Mini Royale will only last about 15 minutes. All in all, this game mode means faster deployment, constant movement, and way more action than usual. We already took a look at Mini Royale here.

Co D Money Plunder
In Warzone Plunder, you have to get as much cash as possible. | © Activision

What is Warzone Plunder?

In Plunder, everything revolves around money! Get as much cash as you can and extract it. In this game mode, players start with their own premade loadouts and can respawn as much as they want. One match of Plunder takes 30 minutes and teams have to collect 1 million in cash. If no team is able to reach the 1 million mark, the team with the most cash automatically wins. Should one team reach 1 million before the end of the match, there will be 3 minutes of Overtime. During those 3 minutes, all teams get a 1.5 multiplier to give other teams a chance to catch up. After the Overtime ends, the team with the most cash wins.

What is Warzone Clash?

Clash is the Team Deathmatch of Warzone. It is a huge 50v50-Deathmatch mode played on specific parts of the Warzone Map (e.g. the Port area or Downtown). Players drop in with their loadouts and can respawn indefinitely. The first team to reach 500 points wins the match. Apart from racking up kills, players can also complete contracts and collect powerups from defeated enemies. Here is an in-depth explanation of Clash.

What is Warzone Iron Trials?

Iron Trials is one of the more interesting modes in Warzone. It basically is BR for sweats. It follows the same rules as the normal Battle Royale mode but makes some important changes. All player's base health is increased from 100 to 250, there are no free loadouts, round timers are decreased by 12%, only ATVs and Dirt Bikes available, much higher prices at Buy Stations, and health regen takes much longer and sets in after 7, and not 5 seconds. There also are some changes for equipment and weapons. For example, sniper rifles can only down enemies with one shot if they are within 30 meters and the stun effect duration of stun grenades is reduced by 50%. All in all, Iron Trials is a harder and sweatier version of the normal Battle Royale. Here is an in depth explanation of Iron Trials.

Warztone Payload
Payload is one of the time limited modes in Warzone. | © Activision

What is Warzone Payload?

Payload is a mode you probably know from other games like Overwatch. There are two teams of 20 players each. The attacking team has to escort a truck convoy to its final destination, while the defending team has to prevent that from happening. Players drop in with their loadouts and can respawn indefinitely. The trucks only move as long as at least one player is inside the escort perimeter. Throughout the map, there will be checkpoints and defenders can only push back the convoy to the last checkpoint. That's basically all there is to say about Payload.

What is Warzone Scopes & Scatterguns?

Scopes and Scatterguns are kind of similar to Resurgence. You also can spawn indefinitely as long as your teammates are alive, but there won't be any free loadouts and the loot is limited to only sniper rifles, crossbows, and shotguns. Oh, you also can't buy loadouts at a Buy Station... The starting weapon right now is the Marshal – a mix between a pistol and a shotgun. So better get used to quick-scoping or some good old run-and-gun shotgun play.

What is Warzone Death & Taxes?

Death and Taxes is a limited-time mode that uses the normal BR ruleset with a twist. The mode plays just like a normal BR match, but we get unlimited Gulags (as long as we win them) and we don't lose cash when dying. This means every player can go to the Gulag as often as he wants, even if he dies again after a buyback.

Here are some tips and rankings for you to enjoy: