Dig To China Codes (May 2023): Free Bombs & Points

Want to dig faster and get some bombs for free? You came to the right place. This guide shows all the active Dig to China codes for May 2023.

Dig to China Codes
Players can reach China using Dig to China codes. | © Roblox / MarbledRuby1

Roblox is one of the best fields for developers who want to make their craziest ideas come true. The game has so many creative projects, and Dig to China seems one of the craziest we've seen in the last few days. The game allows players to use different bombs and explosives to dig to China and earn points by reaching it.

Dig to China also has a regularly updated code system. Each code features overpowered rewards like Bombs and Points. They can help you to reach China and become the digger №1. Keep scrolling down and discover all the active and expired codes.

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How To Redeem Codes In Dig to China

Struggle to redeem codes in Dig To China? Take a sit and read the step-by-step guide below. It explains how you can redeem codes in Dig to China.

  1. Open Roblox and boot up Dig to China.
  2. Press the Twitter icon button on the left part of the screen.
  3. Insert the code from the article into the text box saying Enter Code Here!
  4. Tap on the green button Enter next to the text box and get rewards on your account.
Dig to China How To Redeem Codes
This cute-looking code menu can be used to redeem Dig to China codes. | © Roblox / MarbledRuby1

As Dig to China can boast a significant number of active codes, it might be a good idea to copy/paste codes from this article instead of writing them manually. It also saves you from making spelling mistakes that might be annoying.

Dig to China Active Codes (May 2023)

Keep scrolling down and find Dig to China active codes! They can help you to dig to China faster.

  • BombsAreFun - Use the code for 1,000 Points
  • Explosions12 - Use the code for 500 Bombs
  • Bombs4Life - Use the code for 1,500 Bombs
  • Bx42L3 - Use the code for 3,000 Bombs
  • ExplodingTime - Use the code for 5,000 Points
  • ExplodingHeadEmoji - Use the code for 1,000 Bombs
  • for0.1secondsuponjoiningyouwillseeasecretmessage - Use the code for 6,969 Bombs
  • JoinTheDiscord - Use the code for 9,999 Points
  • P2W - Use the code for 5,000 Points
  • J8g43SL - Use the code for 5,000 Points
  • BombsAway64 - Use the code for 1,000 Bombs
  • thisisacode - Use the code for 10,000 Bombs
  • CodesUpdate - Use the code for 1,000 Bombs
  • RubyRocks:3 - Use the code for Worse Bomb

As each code is temporary, we fear you might miss some rewards. Check out this article regularly to know the latest Dig to China codes. It can be very helpful!

Dig to China Expired Codes (May 2023)

At the moment of writing, Dig to China has no expired codes. We'll add them to this article soon.

Where Do You Get Dig to China Codes?

Follow the official developer's Twitter account for the latest Dig to China codes. And if you are looking for communication with other players, Dig to China has its own Discord channel. Here you can find everything the average player needs, including all the news and giveaways.

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