Figure Fantasy Codes (June 2023)

Get ready to take your Figure Fantasy gameplay to the next level with our guide to the latest codes for June 2023. Discover how to redeem these codes and gain access to valuable rewards, including diamonds, coins, and more.

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The latest Figure Fantasy Codes for June 2023 | © Figure Fantasy / @KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

Figure Fantasy is an immersive mobile game that combines elements of role-playing and idle gaming, providing players with an exciting and unique gaming experience. As with many games in this genre, Figure Fantasy features redeemable codes that can unlock various rewards, including diamonds, lucky coins, and box pieces. In this article, we will guide you through the Figure Fantasy codes for June 2023, ensuring that you don't miss out on any exciting bonuses.

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Where To Redeem Figure Fantasy Codes?

To redeem your Figure Fantasy codes and claim your rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the game and go to the settings or options menu.
  2. Look for the Redeem Code section.
  3. Enter the active Figure Fantasy codes accurately.
  4. Confirm the code and wait for verification.
  5. Enjoy your rewards directly in your inventory.
Figure Fantasy How to Redeem
The Code Redeem Screen For Figure Fantasy | © Figure Fantasy / @KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED

Please note that Figure Fantasy codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to enter them accurately to avoid any errors.

Active Figure Fantasy Codes For June 2023

This was last updated on June 3

Here are some active Figure Fantasy codes that you can use in June 2023 to unlock exciting rewards:

  • FFSNS001 – 50 x diamonds,10k coins, 20 x super blind box pieces
  • CG4AMY – 50 x Diamonds,10k coins, 20 x super blind box pieces
  • FIGURE2022 – 300 x diamonds, 100k coins, and 60 x blind box pieces
  • TREASURE2022 – 300 x diamonds,100k coins, and 60 x blind box pieces
  • HAPPY2022 – 300 x diamonds,100k coins, and 60 x super blind box pieces
  • LUCKY2022 – 100k coins, 500 x clover stickers, and 5 x advanced cards
  • Z81XJE – Pack containing Coins and Diamonds
  • YUKI888 – Five advanced brand cards

While some codes are still active, there are also codes that have expired.

Expired Figure Fantasy Codes For June 2023

It's important to stay updated and use the codes before they expire. Here is the list of expired codes for June 2023.

  • BUR62V
  • PE9EUMS1

Keep in mind that Figure Fantasy codes have expiration dates, so it's important to use them before they expire.

Where To Find Figure Fantasy Codes?

One of the best places to find Figure Fantasy codes is directly from the game developer's official website. Developers often release codes and promotions on their websites, providing players with exclusive rewards and bonuses. Additionally official social media channels of Figure Fantasy can also be reliable sources for discovering active codes.

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