Adin Ross and ishowspeed Got Swatted: Why Does It Keep Happening?

It's swatting season. Popular Twitch-Streamer Adin Ross and popular YouTube-Streamer ishowspeed both got swatted within 24 hours. Why does this shit keep happening?

ishowspeed can't believe how stupid swatting is | © YouTube/ishowspeed

Streaming sure seems like a chill job. You get to hang out in your room, play video games and can get filthy rich. But man, I wouldn't want to do that! Streamers have to deal with way too much crap, especially from some of their crazier viewers.

Adin Ross and ishowspeed Swatted

Yep, swatting is one of the things I'm talking about. Not only do some, especially female, streamers have to deal with stalkers or stream snipers, sometimes they even have to deal with their "fans" calling the police on them.

The term for this is swatting, and it means, calling the cops to someone's location, usually under the pretense of immediate danger. This leads to armed police officers being dispatched to the location, with them expecting a tense situation that might easily escalate.

Just this week, popular Twitch streamer Adin Ross got swatted in his house, having armed policemen cuff him and searching his house for weapons. This all happened live on stream, so viewers got the full view of the officer entering the room with their rifles in hand.

The streamer seems to be doing alright, even though the words he used to describe the situation on Twitter were:

traumatizing, man. It’s scary. It’s what comes with being in this position. [...] It’s a sick, cruel world we live in, man,” Ross continued. “…it’s sickening

I mean, I get it! Especially in the US, where you might just get shot in such a situation. Think about it, the police arrive, expecting some maniacal drug lord with a gun or something! People actually died from being swatted!

The same thing happened to the YouTube streamer ishowspeed, who is famous for his eccentric and well, kinda stupid, streams. But no matter how stupid his streams are, nobody deserves to have his life be put in danger because of some shitty internet trolls!

ishowspeed looks as shocked as I was, finding out, that some people actually put the lives of their favorite content creators at risk, just to pull some shitty prank or something.

Why Are People Swatting?

Good question, huh? I don't really know, to be honest. It just doesn't make sense if you're not completely out of your mind! But if I had to guess, it probably is some messed up power play. The swatter can unfold his "power" taking effect as the police squad swats the streamers house. It's also a pretty big threat! It says: "I know where you are living, and I pretty much don't care about your well-being".

Especially big streamers seem to get swatted, or I guess those are the ones where you hear about it, so maybe that is a deciding factor.

If you get caught swatting, you might just end up in jail, which I think is totally deserved. As I said, there have even been instances where people died because of swatting, so it is pretty dangerous and fucked up to do!

So, just don't be a waste of space and air, and don't do stupid crap like that. Very much appreciated, thanks!