Andor: Diego Luna Explains Why Cassian Won't Return For A Season 3

With a new season of Andor approaching, Diego Luna revealed why Cassian won't return for a season 3.

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Cassian actor Diego Luna explains why Andor won't return for a season 3 | © Disney+

Andor is about to return for season 2 on Disney+ and that seems to be enough for the actor portraying Cassian, Diego Luna. When he opened up about his future plans, he was quick to shut down rumors of Andor season 3, including both sequels or reboots.

In season 1 Andor gave us a great prequel to the story of Rogue One, making Cassian a more likeable and well written character overall. The second season will feature multiple time-jumps, building up to the climax of his story that has been Rogue One.

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It will be interesting to see how Cassian completes his journey from thief to a freedom-fighting rebel

Diego Luna Is Done With Cassian After Season 2 Of Andor

In an interview with the Rolling Stone, Luna talked about the possibility of him reprising the titular character by saying: “I will be done. Because there’s nothing else for me to do. Like the character in Andor walks into Rogue One.”

So yeah, that makes a lot of sense. From the very beginning, fans knew that Cassian was gonna end up with Jyn on that beach.

During the interview, he also denied the possibility of using the gaps (you know, because of the time-jumps in season 2), for more Andor content.

Season 2 will be out soon, so better you enjoy what will probably be the last season of Andor we will get.

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