Black Mirror Season 7: Charlie Brooker Has Lots Of Ideas

After six seasons, you could think Charlie Brooker is out of ideas for Netflix's hit show Black Mirror. Well, he's not, and he shared a few of them – if we get Black Mirror season 7, fans are in for a wild ride.

Black Mirror 7
Charlie Brooker on his ideas for Black Mirror Season 7 | © Netflix

Black Mirror is a phenomenon for itself and, maybe, Charlie Brooker's personal playground. The writer's imagination seemingly knows no limits and he's never been afraid of tackling new ideas for the show: remember Bandersnatch? Yeah, that was huge.

In Black Mirror, we get a glimpse into the future, especially the dark and unsettling sides of modern technology and society. With each episode being a standalone story, fans already got six seasons worth of dystopian adventures in wildly different styles – Charlie Brooker's tank of ideas is still not empty, though.

Charlie Brooker About His Ideas: A Black Mirror Musical In Season 7?

In an interview with Digital Spy, Black Mirror's writer Charlie Brooker shared some of his ideas for a possible season 7. Netflix has remained tight-lipped about that possibility so far, but that's to be expected: season 6 aired in June 2023, not too long ago, so it's no surprise there's no confirmation yet.

That doesn't stop Brooker, though: it seems like his ideas for new episodes and ways to tell his stories just don't stop.

I've never done an animated episode or a musical episode.

Even though he also shares that "USS Callister" back in season 4 started out as a story about a musical, we all know how that turned out. But the idea still floats around in his mind – that might be a story to tackle in season 7, if we get it. Or how about an animated musical? Two birds with one stone?

Point is: there's absolutely no way to predict what Brooker's got in store at the end of the day. With the direction that "USS Callister" took, we already know that some stories just turn out differently than originally planned. And Brooker doesn't seem too concerned with concrete plans, actually:

Again, all bets are off, because, again, in [season 6], we've got some that are almost old-school horror, and we've got some that are retro-futuristic, and we've got ones that are out-and-out comedy. So it's a right mix. So I don't know. Anything. Bloody anything!

The direction season 6 took was already wildly different compared to season 1, so chances are audiences will once again be surprised – if season 7 is happening, of course.

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