Castlevania Season 5: How The Iconic Netflix Adaptiation Will Continue

Castlevania has been a great success for Netflix, but will we be treated to a season 5?
Will Castlevania get that sseason 5? | © Netflix

Netflix has been popping off with the video game adaptations recently. Especially animated series have received a lot of positive feedback. Castlevania was so successful in fact that it was green lit for 4 more seasons. But will there be a Castlevania season 5?

Castlevania Season 5 Could Be A Spin-Off

Castlevania has been a huge success across the board for Netflix, delivering a gritty and dark story with great characters to follow on their journey. Unfortunately, after four seasons of gut-wrenching fun, we are not going to see them again… at least as the protagonists of the story.

Not so long ago, Netflix confirmed that season 5 of the popular show will not happen. Instead, fans will get a spin-off series called Castlevania: Nocturne, which is supposed to release by Fall 2023.

The series will still pretty much be the Castlevania we know and love, but instead of the original trio, we will follow the tales of Richter Belmont, a descendant of Trevor and Sypha.

Not only does Richter have a kick-ass German name, he is also one of the most iconic descendants of the Belmont family, headlining his own game in the franchise.

Castlevania has been around for a while now. I think even the most recent game would be… well, too old for Leonardo DiCaprio:

In the games, Richter also has a rich supporting cast, which allows for great world building and an all around more interesting setting.

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