Dune 2 Releases Sooner Than Expected

When it comes to Sci-Fi flicks, Dune was probably the best release in the last couple of years. That's why the sequel is very highly anticipated. The great thing is that Dune 2 will release sooner than was previously announced.

Dune 2 screenplay imax
Timothy Chalamet has a jaw line that could cut diamonds. | © Warner Bros.

Dune has gotten a hell of a lot of love since the remake debuted in 2021, starring a great cast of supporting and leading characters. I mean, you put Jason Momoa, Zendaya, and Timothy Chalamet in one movie, you will already have a guaranteed viewer base of thirsty fans. Btw, I'm really glad Jason Momoa got confirmed to return for Dune 2!

The movie was pretty great, especially compared to the 1984 original. This left sci-fi fans longing for some more Dune content, and it seems like studios and game developers are happy to provide.

If you're a Marvel hater and a Sci-Fi fan, you have double the reason to be happy, as Marvel Studios announced the delay of several of their movies, including the Blade reboot. Why is that relevant, you ask? Because this allowed for an earlier Dune release date. You read that right, Dune is coming earlier than expected, for real now. I guess they plan major releases, so they don't collide, which might hurt ticket sales.

Dune 2: New Release Date

Anyway, within hours of the news, that Marvel was pushing back their releases, Warner Bros. secured themselves Blade's former slot. This means we will be able to return to Arrakis two weeks sooner on November 3, 2023.

Okay, that means I quickly gotta rewatch Dune (2021), so that I'm all caught up again on what happened. Could be worse though, as I mentioned, the movie is pretty awesome. There's a reason it took home six Oscars in 2022.

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