Confirmed: Amazon Is Making A God of War TV Show

Amazon officially announced their plans to develop a God of War TV show to its flagship streaming platform, Prime Video. As Amazon is ready to spend the big bucks, this might turn onto one hell of a treat.

God Of War Art
Prime Video God of War TV Series is gonna be bonkers | © Sony Interactive Entertainment

On December 14, Amazon confirmed their plans to create a God of War TV show, via Twitter. On their Prime Video account, they posted a picture of a God of War (2018) poster, along with a text, stating "Prime Video orders 'God of War' Series".

Rumors regarding this already hit the public all the way back in March, but now, after Ragnarök put the franchise back in the public eye, in an incredibly awesome way, this just hits different!

Amazon Confirms Rumors From All The Way Back In March

In March 2022, Deadline leaked the info that Amazon was in talks with Sony Interactive Entertainment to bring God of War to the small screen as a show on their flagship streaming service, Prime Video. These rumors now turn out to be true, as Prime Video officially announced that they ordered a God of War series.

With big-name television shows like The Last of Us on HBO, Resident Evil on Netflix and Halo on Paramount+ all coming to viewers before too long, God of War is simply the next in line. It could end up being a good move, The Witcher may have been a book-series before it was a game, but the popularity of the games spurred on the creation of that show, and it ended up pretty good. On the flip side, it could be god-awful, like the recent Uncharted film, starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Sully without a mustache.

God of War has been around for the better part of two decades at this point, with God of War 1 releasing in 2005 on PS2. After years of disappointing releases, 2018's God of War reboot brought the series to a level of quality that was unprecedented at the time. With Ragnarök, they even upped their game, dominating the Game Awards and our hearts. With that in mind, it isn't a surprise that Amazon is putting its feelers out.

Btw. there is actually a bunch of stuff in the God of War Cookbook, that's actually canon.

God of War TV Show | Here Is What We Know So far

The previous leak by Deadline also indicated that the God of War show would come from creators of The Expanse, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. The Wheel of Time's executive producer, Rafe Judkins, is also said to be involved.

This information appears to be confirmed as well, as multiple sources report their involvement in the project. That would be rather exciting news, as The Expanse is an incredible character driven sci-fi story and The Wheel of Time had a great production overall.

If you look at the budget that Amazon invested into the Rings of Power, there should be no lack of resources, that is. I'm more concerned about sh*t writing, that doesn't do justice to the source material, as video game adaptations suck most of the time.

We will have to wait for further information, though. I just hope the writing will be as good as it is in Ragnarök!

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