Harry Potter TV Series Officially Confirmed

Following rumors, HBO has now officially confirmed a Harry Potter TV series.

HBO has a great track record with adaptations nowadays, including the Last of Us as well as House of the Dragon. Now they are planning to bring back the iconic Harry Potter franchise with a new cast.

Harry Potter Reboot By HBO In The Works

More than 10 years after the final chapter of the Harry Potter movies closed, we're getting a brand-new reboot of the original books by J.K. Rowling that will be a "faithful adaption" of the books, according to Warner.

This means that fans get to experience the adventures of Harry Potter & his friends from the very beginning again, this time in a "decade-long" series format, which indicates that the Harry Potter series will run for about 10 years. HBO Max also released a short teaser for the series:

Adapting the franchise like this will allow for a lot more depth, compared to the movies which, looking at the 7th book especially, proved to be difficult.

If you want to kill some time before this new show releases (which will take a while), you should play Hogwarts Legacy! It does a fantastic job of portraying the world of Harry Potter.

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