His Name Is James And He Will Likely Be The Next Bond

The question of whom the next James Bond could be had been bothering us for a quite some time. Now we have a new most likely candidate to be the next 007.

James Bond

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. With his posh British personality and elegant way of disposing his enemies, the agent with the license to kill (and ultimate Mr. Steal-your-girl) built one of the biggest action movie franchises out there.

James Bond has been played by various actors up until this point. Some, like Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery, elevated the British gentleman to new heights, while others, especially Daniel Craig, embraced the chaos and provided awesome action.

With Daniel Craig retiring as 007, there is a spot open for a new contender to pick up the Walther PPK and go on an espionage adventure. But who is a fitting pick?

A wide range of British actors have been suggested for the role, including the likes of Henry Cavill and Aaron Tyler Johnson (the guy from Bullet Train).

With the new James Bond movie set to release in 2025, the question of who could be the next James Bond returns, this time with more urgency.

Who Will Be The Next Bond? New Favorite Revealed

The bookmaker website Coral has been dealing with the topic of who might be the next James Bond for a while now, and recently a new favorite surfaced with odds of 9-4.

The actor in question is James Norton (the name checks out), best known for his role in the TV series Happy Valley.

He sure looks the part. He probably could pull off a better James Bond than Daniel Craig:

Coral's John Hill explained: “We have seen a strong wave of support behind James Norton in our next James Bond betting and as a result, he is the new favorite to replace Daniel Craig as 007.”

Previously, Aaron Taylor Johnson was tied with Henry Cavill as a favorite for being the new 007, but there's a new sheriff in town now.

This is obviously just the top-pick coming from a bunch of fans, but still, it's people betting real money on whom they think is the most likely candidate! Maybe they know something we don't?

Some YouTubers are also producing movies now. That's pretty wild! I'm curious how good it will turn out to be:

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