Streaming With The Amazon Fire TV Stick: Use This Simple Trick For Better Sound

If you want to watch your favorite movies, shows and more, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a really useful tool to do so. Even more so, with this feature that can drastically improve your audio quality.

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Really usefull little fella | © Amazon

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a really handy little tool, that allows you to access your favorite streaming platforms, access the internet and watch your favorite movies all with the press of a button. It truly is the superior TV experience.

If you want to get the most out of your experience, though, you should try out this awesome feature to drastically improve your audio quality.

How To Improve Your Audio, Using The Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you ever watched an awesome movie in cinemas and afterwards rewatched it at home, you were probably underwhelmed by the abysmal audio quality your TV provides, compared to the cinema experience.

Say whatever you want, but having good quality sound really elevates the whole experience of watching your favorite shows or movies.

If you've got an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can improve your audio, by simply connecting it to a headset or a speaker via Bluetooth. Yep, that little useful Amazon Stick has Bluetooth as well.

The PS5 also provides a bunch of awesome hidden features:

So if you want to enjoy your favorite Show without disturbing your roommate, girlfriend etc., you can just connect your Fire TV Stick with your headphones via Bluetooth, and you're good to go.

And if you want to watch something together with your family or friends, but are unhappy with the sound quality of your TV, simply connect your Stick to some speakers and enjoy.

To connect the Fire TV Stick to the device of your choice, you have to access the settings. Simply press the Home button for about two seconds, or navigate to the gear symbol you can see on the starting page, at the right edge of the screen.

Fire TV Stick
You can see the home button here. It's the house | © GettyImages

Once you're there, select:

  • "Settings"
  • Now navigate to the "Remotes and Bluetooth devices".
  • Select "Other Bluetooth devices"
  • Connect a speaker or headphones to the Fire TV Stick.

Once you're finished, you are free to enjoy whatever you want to watch with the best possible audio. You're welcome!

Just a little teaser to get you hyped for awesome possible releases:

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