The Batman 2: Release Date & Everything We Know

It's no secret that The Batman is a fantastic film, but what can we expect from a second film? Indeed, with there even be a The Batman 2?

The batman
Will we get a The Batman 2? | © Warner Bros.

The Batman is here, and it's good. In our review, we said that the film's "moody atmosphere, masterful cinematography and gripping performances put it at least on-par with Joker, and certainly the best traditional-style superhero movie since Nolan's trilogy," so what's next for Robert Pattinson's new role? There's a lot to love in this noire-infused psychological thriller of a super-hero movie, but will it be followed up? Oh, and if it is, what will that follow up involve?

As we pointed out, the movie is the best thing to come to superhero films since the Christopher Nolan trilogy and – if you're that kind of human – the founding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film sits up there with the likes of Joker, as a film that changes the game for what a superhero movie can be. It has been truly successful, has a tremendous cast, and it is an unbelievable debut for Pattinson (even if he did initially struggle with that oh-so-sexy Bat-voice). That's why we really need to take a look at what could be next...

When Is The Batman 2 Release Date?

Despite the fact that The Batman took five years to create, we can expect a sequel in either late-2024 or 2025. The film's producer, Dylan Clark, confirmed to The Independent that they are "thinking about another movie" already, also saying in another interview that he would "go on [the] record and say that it will be less than five years". Pretty exciting, right?

It makes sense, though, that The Batman 2 would be quicker than the first film, considering that the first film was marred by Ben Affleck's departure and a lot of drama within DCU. In addition, director Matt Reeves had to build an entirely new Batman-world, write, film and produce the film and cement it in the context of the new direction that DC films are going in this post-Affleck and Cavill world.

Everything We Know About The Batman 2

The Batman 2 is a long-way off, and very little is known so far about the film. That being said, we can make a few predictions and a few assumptions as well. Let's get on with it, shall we? There's no point in blabbering about!

Who is in The Batman 2?

Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis and Zoë Kravitz will all likely return as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Inspector Gordon, Alfred and Catwoman respectively. We know that Colin Farrell will be starring as The Penguin in an upcoming HBO Show, so that will depend on what happens in that show. We imagine that both Paul Dano and Barry Keoghan will be coming back as The Riddler and The Joker (again, respectively), with the latter possibly becoming the key villain in The Batman 2. Other than that, there isn't really much else we can say.

What will Happen in The Batman 2?

We can imagine that The Batman 2 will be a continuation of the original film, bringing that exciting cameo to real life. This is where we are going to share a little signal and sneakily start a new li'l paragraph, so that these minor spoilers don't show up on Daddy Google...

Okay, so The Riddler is chillin' with The Joker in prison, and Gotham City needs to rebuild after The Riddler's army of followers decided to flood their own bloody city. Now, we could imagine that Robin will appear in the second film at some point (that would just... make sense, you know?) and we can imagine that The Joker will probably get out of prison somehow.

We could potentially see a "Prisoner of Azkaban" situation here, with all the incarcerated villains somehow breaking out of Arkham and running rampant in the city. This could open everything up to some pretty great showdowns between a variety of classic Batman villains. We could even see a situation similar to the beauty that is Batman Arkham Origins, wouldn't that be just awesome? Anyway, there isn't much else to really share about The Batman 2. We are excited to learn more, and will be updating you as soon as anything else is known...