The Bear Season 3: Will They Let'em Cook?

Season 3 of The Bear is the only reasonable response to the success of the first and second season. What are they waiting for? Here's everything we know about the possible third season of Chicago's most dramatic kitchen!

The Bear Season 3
The Bear Season 3: Will It happen? | © FXP / Hulu

Who doesn't love a good comedy with some even better drama? And as a person who loves food (i.e. eating, watching people cook, nearly burning down my own kitchen even if I'm only making a salad, Sims-style) The Bear is the perfect show for me: a good laugh, dramatic turns, food.

Season 3 would be highly appreciated, not only by television and food enthusiasts alike, but also by the critics. Just a quick starter-guide: The young chef Carmy leaves the fine dining world to run The Bear, a sandwich shop in Chicago, following the suicide of his brother. You'll have to watch the rest yourself!

  • Until the next season drops, maybe I'll spend my time on Prime Video. May I serve you a free trial, perhaps?

The Bear Season 3: Let Them Cook!

As of August 2023, there hasn't been a confirmation for a third season of The Bear. But keep in mind that season 2 released only a few weeks back on June 22, 2023.

On the other hand, the second season was released almost exactly one year after the first season's premiere with an announcement made only a few weeks in advance. So, if they keep the tradition up, we'll get a season 3 in June 2024, but Hulu won't let us know until next May. Here's hoping!

Carmy The Bear
POV: You're waiting for season 3. | © FXP / Hulu

Obviously, two seasons in two years already was really rare and asking for three seasons in three years almost seems rude, but I'm not exactly the most patient person. Fingers crossed that the ongoing strike doesn't mess up my binge-watching-plans any further.

According to showrunner Christopher Storer there certainly are plans for Season 3. In an interview with Esquire, he spilled the beans (get it? Food joke?) about how Ayo Edebiri (Sydney in the show) is directing a few episodes next year. So apparently, there are plans for a third season.

The Bear Has Lots Of Unresolved Plot Points, Certainly Enough To Justify A Third Season

Spoiler-warning: there are some spoilers for The Bear Season 2 in the next section. If you're not up-to-date, I'd recommend getting out of here and in front of a screen that's Bear-worthy. Maybe this one.

Season 2 ends with even more drama, making a season 3 more necessary than ever: the relationship between Carmy and Claire is on the verge of falling apart, Sydney's successful opening night might go to her head, Donna's issues are concerning – and that's just a part of the finale.

Fans were left hanging wondering about the fates of the kitchen staff and the tension between them. The raging success The Bear had still speaks for a season 3, though: Hulu wouldn't dare to cancel it, would they?

Rest assured we'll keep you updated on the latest The Bear news, though!

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