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Andrew Tate is claiming that he has been poisoned, showing pictures of his “swollen face" and describing further symptoms.

Andrew Tate Wasted
Andrew Tate is looking worse for wear. I mean, just look at his hair | © Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is out of prison and back in his million-dollar mansion (even though he is on house arrest). Even though that should have drastically improved his condition, the controversial influencer recently claimed that he was suffering from some sort of allergic reaction or has been "poisoned".

Back in December 2022, Tate got arrested by the Romanian authorities on Human trafficking charges and detailed the horrific conditions in jail on Twitter.

Now that he is out of prison, he has been a lot more active on his Twitter, posting videos of him singing to Mariah Carey and… apparently having been poisoned? Looks like toxic masculinity might have taken a toll on his health.

Andrew Tate Claims He Has Been 'Poisoned'

On April 27, Tate posted a series of (now deleted) tweets, saying that he was suffering from "some sort of severe reaction or poison", posting a picture of his face and body.

“Face swollen. Blood pressure is through the roof. Skins on fire. Hard to breathe. Some sort of severe reaction or poison. Only had coffee and water so far today. All appeared in the last 5 mins,”

The situation kinda went viral, with people theorizing whether Tate had actually been poisoned. To be fair, looking at the picture the worst thing I see is his terrible haircut, but otherwise he doesn't look too different.

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Most of the Twitter posts regarding this have since been removed, including a post that was probably posted by Tate's manager. In that post, he explains how "Andrew is not allergic to anything" and how this might be "some matrix attack insanity".

There is no way to know if Tate has actually been poisoned, but we'll keep you updated as soon as new information drops.

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