Sisu: The True Story Behind The John Wick Flick Set In WW2

Looking at the trailer, Sisu really does look like a John Wick movie set during World War 2.

Sisu Movie
Sisu is a movie for every action lover that is based on a true story| © Sony Pictures

After the success of the John Wick franchise, it seems like Hollywood is taking notes, releasing the next one-man-army action flick just shortly after John Wick 4 reached theaters. This time, the story is set in Finland during World War 2 and is actually based on a true story.

The Movie in question is called Sisu and was directed by the Finish screenwriter and film director Jalmari Helander. The rights to the movie quickly got claimed by Lionsgate Entertainment (you know, the studio behind John Wick) and so far the reviews are pretty good.

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To be fair, we're talking about Rotten Tomatoes, so take that with a grain of salt (as almost none of their reviews match the audience score). Looking at the trailer, though, Sisu looks pretty promising. The trailer gives John Wick meets Inglourious Basterds vibes, which is pretty awesome.

Sisu: The True Story Behind The Movie

The movie is set in Finnish Lapland during World War 2 and follows a gold prospector who gets on the bad side of a Nazi death squad while trying to secure his gold.

Well, you could say they got on his bad side, since the movie is about him decimating the death squad Rambo-Style, not the other way around.

What most of you probably don't know is that the movie was greatly inspired by the first Rambo movie, as well as the real-life Finnish military sniper Simo Häyhä.

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Häyhä is well known for his crazy exploits during World War 2, being credited with a total of 542 kills, truly earning the nickname “The White Death” by the Red Army. So if you want to make a movie about a Finnish murder machine, why not go with the story of a real life one-man-army that actually terrified enemy forces in WW2.

So with this being the inspiration for the fictional badass that is the protagonist of Sisu, you kinda have to feel sorry for those Nazis that pissed off this man.

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